Theblockheads should be on the microsoft store


the blockheads should be on the microsoft store so people can play it on Microsoft.


Milla has said many times that they have no plans of porting the game to further platforms.


This will have a lot of bad things compared to good things


Or sell it to Microsoft


Adding it to Microsoft would have benefits. It could also be a free to play game on steam.


Why do you need a membership on steam to play the game? it’s free on mobile.


And get the same fate that Minecraft got?


Membership is free


Minecraft isn’t that bad : /


Yes, but the company that owns it (Mojang, which is owned by Microsoft) is bad.


Want to be forced to watch a video after every ten crafted items? Maybe after every sleep or meditation? Maybe during meditation? Want to pay real money for gem pickaxes? If that is the case then yes sell to Microsloth.


Sure I’ll take it!
Besides I’m cloudbanned and don’t pay BH 24/7


That is selfish.


I don’t craft items. I buy them.

Even Microsoft isn’t that bad

I could just use titanium pickaxes.


Non sequitur.


Lol I was gonna say something sarcastic but I forgot what I was gonna say