๐Ÿ”’[TheFoil party official thread] (Officially dissmissied)



Well I hope I get whitelisted soonโ€ฆ


She whitelisted a couple of people, I donโ€™t know if sheโ€™s whitelisted you


This gave me an idea to start a server that people can borrow for parties


Will you be able to fund it for a long time?


Yes, because Iโ€™ll probably get a Mac server :raspberry:


Party starting in a few hours! :smiley:


My anniversary is on the same date as my birthday. Not lying.

I was born on October 1. :confused:


2 hours!


I cant join as i need to be whitelisted but i was very exited for it :frowning:


@TheFoil I tried logging onto Pixmilla but it said I wasnโ€™t whitelisted


Well that sucks. :frowning:


Iโ€™ll try the username you gave me again


Aghhhh. Not whitelisted. Only thing I can say is Happy Anniversary :slight_smile:


Itโ€™s been good while it lasted. Thank you. This thread is now locked


Such a pity itโ€™s locked now. So no congrats from me unfortunately๐Ÿคฃ


Aw, that stinks since you worked so hard on it. Happy anniversary.


@TheFoil, you should post some pics of what you created there. Itโ€™s pretty cool.
Hope you a great party.


Happy Anniv


@TheFoil Hopped on tonight to make this since I couldnโ€™t come to the party. Hope you like fiestas and family guy

yes I did run out of room thatโ€™s why Robin is standing on his head
Happy Anniversary!!