Theheroicbh stayed in the BH forums for a whole year


This is my 1st Blockheads forums anniversary stay, however, I stayed 3 years as a Blockheads player.

In the past, was originally making servers with jailbroken TC, but as of 2017 I have changed my mind and used advertisement TC (PRE-1.7) for servers, including Agedsurvival, however, people abuse powers in servers for absolutely nothing.

My Servers:
AncientFactions (not working at it until I redownload the game on mom’s laggy smartphone or buy a better phone for me)(Mac).
Agedsurvival (obscure, but it is monetised with IRL money credit so if your mom/dad/guardian does not prevent you from doing that, pay some credit)(cloud).
-(may make an Expert Economy server as a Mac one)

Special Thanks:

-@blocknuggets: helping me for making agedsurvival, co-owning it, and pretty much staying as active as possible.
-@milla: a beloved community manager.
-@asyc: moderates the forums.
-@Wingysam: for creating Mac servers including ancientfactions.
-and many, many others.


Congratulations! :slight_smile: :smiley: :tada: :balloon: :tada: :balloon: :tada: