Theory On Why Cave Trolls Are Here

In the Era of Majic, before average people discovered the world of Blockheads, all the worlds and servers were ruled by wizards. One powerful wizard wanted more control, because his five Blockheads couldn’t see everything. In order to achieve this, he attempted to defy the laws of portal and nature, by trying to warp in a sixth blockhead. Blockheads requires food to warp in because he or she’s body is cloned from the cells inside the food. But the greedy wizard tried to use gold coins instead food items, hoping it will make a super blockhead. Using lots of time crystals and diamonds, he was able to break through the portal’s restriction and warp in a sixth blockhead. But gold coins aren’t organic, so the process deformed the blockhead, making him short, wide, one-eyed, and hungry for gold. The wizard was able to make it climb and hunt, but it couldn’t craft or build. He was disgusted by his creation, he named him “Troll” as an insult, and he tried to destroy Troll. The wizard was powerful enough to kill Troll but, he realized that killing him was much more difficult than killing most enemies, because the cells in the troll’s body came from gold coins, making them harder than flesh. So he had an idea. He didn’t want to look at Troll, yet Troll was powerful, so the wizard buried a treasure and made Troll guard it. But the wizard noticed at Troll would burn due to the heat. The wizard knew that portal emit cold, so he sucked the power out of a portal and lit a stick using the concentrated power, making ice torches. He taught Troll to follow ice torches, that way he wouldn’t leave his lair and get burnt. In order to hide more treasure, the wizard made many more ice torches and Trolls and scattered them across the lava layer.


Awesome theory! I would love to see more. :slight_smile:

This is great! I love the slight whimsy of it all!

I did another one called “Sunrise Hat of Fullness, North Pole Hat of Warmth, and Rainbow essence.”

I saw that one! Also great!