They should add a pulley system

I have been exploring underground mining for stuff and what have you and very time the chest and inventory is full I have to climb all the the way back up so then I got thinking :thinking: what if there was a thing like the elevators but it’s for sending items back and forth idk :neutral_face: what does everyone else think :woman_shrugging:t4:


I usually trash everything I find in a chest, unless it’s something important like gems or Platinum coins…

But the idea is cool and I would love to see it.

Like stone and limestone?

Water should do the trick. Mine a shaft down to where your BHs are. Fill it with water. Drop items into it at airlocks, and they should float to the top.


I think water is not as convenient and can cause lag too.

If you’re far enough, portal chests do the job fine, given you have space in there

Not when it’s static. Water moving is the problem.


I think items should be allowed to use elevators. there will be a special type of chest that can hold items and move up and down elevator shafts

In the old days, the one going down into the mines, will have, a stack of sticks, a couple stacks of food, stacks of lanturns, a bed and even the Tool bench (a whole lot of stone pick axes, to use up stone or five steel pickaxes)
And a working chest in a chest system for collecting resources. Technically what you can carry is unlimited. And chest are cheap to make.

Either that or do what I did. Watch vids, get TC and rapidly work my way to obtaining two or more portal chests. You need one of each gem, coins, golden chest, stone and a lot of TC.

Unfortunately is usually a lot easer for experienced players to do this though

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Lately all non natural water has been creating a lag issue. It might be the slight animation in the water texture itself that is causing the lag. Other items with animation textures like the platinum block and the flywheels are also laggy.

I would make a portal chest but I can’t find and gold chest :confused: