Things admins really need to do


1: read the welcome message EVERY TIME THEY COME ON
2: don’t ban/kick people for no reason
3: be nice
4: be helpful
5:know information about the server
6: know where the starters are
7: know who the owner is (SHEESH)
8: follow the server rules themselves
9: have a pic
10: Welcome newbies
If you wanna add to this, please do.


I don’t play on servers like that.

It’s really the owner’s choice on what to do…




Why should they have a pic? It’s not a bad thing to not have one. I wear a profile pic, and see responsible admins not have one-my whole point is that we shouldn’t really judge people by their profile, unless it contains bad content.


I call them “badmins”. I also avoid servers with badmins. Easier times for me


This thread once again shows how different servers and the ensuing gameplay are. I’d certainly not know where the starters are, and I’m likely to destroy spawn hotels as usually the servers I am admin on do not have or allow either of them :joy:


Lol,the reason why I got admin in less than an hour in a server was because I helped an extremely confused person.Out of like 7 people (including admins,mods,and the owner)I was the only person willing to guide her.After that was over,the owner was like 'wow cici you’re nice’:joy:.I do all the things you listed and still enjoy helping people out very much.I enjoy the feeling of being useful,especially because I know what it feels like to be a new person and have absolutely no idea what to do.I’m glad I’m able to help out.:slightly_smiling_face:


Once, on a server, I saw an admin helping a very confused new player and the admin got so frustrated they did what I can only describe as breaking down :joy: and gave up. After that, we decided the player was probably best learning through experience.


A freaking lot of admins are so abusive (especially ones from unbuilt servers), especially because they just ban you for just nothing or hunt you down with instakill and godmode scripts (this happened before I was €theheroicbh£ in 2015-2016 when I’ve entered a server with 2 relentlessly abusive admins that banned me for nothing).


Yeah, I’ll talk about bad admins.

On the very first server I played on, me and my friend has a 2-story limestone house. My friend was tracked down and murdered t an admin, who proceeded to steal all of our stuff.

On a different server, an admin straight up stole our trade and diamond portals (about 2000 TC worth in case you’re wondering.) and we saw them. Instead of admitting to there faults, they forced us into a prison and demanded we fight. The owner came on, and stopped the admin temporarily (they were CO-OWNER mind you) and we eventually got admin and agree do with the owner on the fact of “yeah, they should probably be banned.” Moral of the story is be very careful with your admins, or your server’s doomed.


If there even is a spawn hotel.


In my world there is.


Well, you kinda SHOULD have a pic, people will recognise you more. And you wont seem like that guy who never speaks, greifs all the buildings and bans you for no reason. This is purely my opinion, i dont want any conflict here, please do not reply.


I’m afraid you don’t get to make that request. If you post in the open forums with your opinion others have every right to respond to that with their own. It’s the whole point of discussion, which is the whole point of this board. It’s the reason such applications are often called Discussion Boards.


Why should people have a picture? You shouldn’t call by their avatar, instead name. I’m sure everyone can remember a username. You also forgot that people can have the same picture. How are we supposed to tell the difference between the people?


I think that’s kinda obvious.
There’s a small possibility that people have the same pic, but if it gets to happen, you could just ask, and it is even more rare for them to be active at the same time, in the same server.
Still, in case of the “blockhead pics” players, their usernames can be confusing too, so it depends on how you talk to them.
Unless you’re WumboJumbo lol


I think admins should know the server as much as the owner does


That’s true too, if you’re going to admin you might want to know their name because people fake admins a lot and copy their picture. Names won’t be exactly the same. I agree with you on how people talk though. It’s important to know how your admins act/talk.


Sorry. Shouldnt have said that.

Its kinda annoying tho, when youre halfway through reading the welcome message, then somebody bans you. You have done nothing. Then, later, somebody tells you on that server youre meant to have sn anime pic.


Chi chi, help me get ahold of milla, ask for a rollback of the server thats the only way to fix the welcome message password thing