Things in the natural starter kit differing between worlds


I think starter kits in normal blockheads should differ between worlds.

Like for example you spawn with shovel, (fruit) and a basket.

Well lets say in another world you spawn with a pickaxe, (fruit) and a chest.

That is what i mean. it is a small change but it could come helpful sometimes.

Any flint tool would be able to spawn in your inventory and chests would have a 20% chance of spawning in your inventory.


There is a reason the first Blockhead warps in with a spade though. The first thing you need to do is dig dirt to warp in your workbench.


Wouldn’t it make the game more interesting to have different tools? After all, you can be like an uncivilized animal and dig with your hands.


I don’t think so, but I’m just one person. How things are makes sense to me. Changing it seems gratuitous, especially given how easy it is to get a tool bench.


That also makes sense.