Things New players of blockheads will not understand

This is a thread where you can share what new players may not understand about blockheads at one point in history.

For one thing you used to be able to steal elevator motors from people.

Alright, show me what you got community!

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This thread is basically asking for every functional detail of the game. It seems redundant.

Alright, feel free to close this thread if it seems redundant,

So you agree?

yeah, if you say so.

They probably won’t understand how breeding works.

Probably won’t know magnet can be used to obtain more iron ore than a regular pickaxe.

Everyone fails to understand a number of things at some point. Every feature of the game eludes someone at some stage. We have Questions and Tips & Guides for this. I don’t see the point of a big hodgepodge of every single issue is helpful, when we have forums dedicated to questions and guides about them. closing.

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