Things That Cause Lag



Things That Cause Lag

This thread was intended to help server owners know how they can reduce lag.

Dropped Items

Dropped items, AKA floaters, can cause light to severe amounts of lag depending on how much is dropped.

If you a server admin, you may want to look around for dropped items and pick then up. If you are a server owner, you may want to make rules against littering. And if its a custom rules world, you may want to consider disabling Everything Free for Trade Portals.

This is proven to cause lag.

Light/Moving Objects

It is a good idea to refrain from using excessive light sources. World owners may want to create rules against placing more light sources than necessary.

Some of the items are:

  • Gems
  • Gem Chandeliers
  • Lanterns
  • Steel Lanterns
  • Torches

These are all proven to cause lag. Likely from the light source offered, and from the small moving elements inside lanterns and torches.

Items with moving elements can cause a Light amount of lag.

It is also a good idea to refrain from using excessive moving objects. Server owners may want to create rules against placing more of these than necessary.

Some of the items are:

  • Flywheels
  • Steam Generators
  • Metal Workbenches
  • Kilns
  • Furnaces
  • Campfire

These are proven to cause lag. Likely because of the light that some of the items give, and from the moving elements they have.


Water can cause light to high levels of lag depending on how much movement is happening.

Server owners may want to create rules against placing water for creating lag. Server owners may also want to protect sky islands above highly developed areas.

This is proven to cause lag. Likely because of how dynamic water can be, and because of the moving texture it has.

Glitched Items

Glitched items can cause potentially light to high amounts of lag.

One Example:

Super Furnaces

Server owners should consider creating a rule against glitching items in their worlds.

Glitched items cause lag because they are not suppose to be there in the first place.

I did some research and testing to see what all could cause lag. I put a few things above. But I figured that the community could find more causes and and things to add to this thread. :slight_smile: So I have made it a wiki. If anyone has anything that is proven to cause lag, please add it to the OP.

Any ways to decrease lag?
A way to get rid of lag?

Just to avoid a possible dispute, I got permission from milla to create this thread. :slight_smile:


Moving water can cause a lots of lags


Animated blocks like platinum can also cause the lags


@Kapaciarz I added water. I complely forgot abiut water. Thanks. :slight_smile:

@TheDerpMaster I tested out platinum blocks. They don’t really seem to cause lag. I will keep trying to see if it does tho. :slight_smile:


I am happy that it helped.


How about flywheels?


He has allready mentioned it in moving objects.


I heard someone mention once that trees cause lag. That would be sad because I love trees. Perhaps cherry trees are the worst because of their falling blossoms in the spring. If you have a good way to test and measure, could you test this? Those blossoms would fall into the movement, and since the particles spread out, they might be sort of like flowing water as well.


I think that is a myth… I’ll go test this out to make sure anyway


I did some tests on this myself. From what I see, I don’t think its true. If it causes any lag, its very little and wouldent make much diffrence.

I will keep checking tho.


Oh and many chests in chests in chests in chests can cause lags.


A large missing thing about lag here, that doesn’t really fit in the OP:

Your OLD device is the PRIMARY cause of lag. Newer devices have substantially less lag than older ones.

My original iPad mini can barely handle glass - the transparency causes enough lag that I never build with glass, or use glass columns / stairs. I tried building a tulip farm with glass on SP and after finishing it I promptly tore it down as it had made my world as laggy as a server. Rebuilt with air instead of glass backwall and my lag was completely gone.

I built the exact same structure on my iPhone 5s - absolutely no lag. Same world seed, same everything. Only thing that changed was the newer device.


Interesting, Bib. I’ve been thinking about the glass thing since you mentioned it to me before. Especially since I like building with glass so much. I’m glad that you determined it being device based.


I wouldn’t say that glass is purely device based. I think it’s more accurate to say that an old device exposes more of the things that cause lag, which don’t affect a newer device as much.

Case in point: I often hear complaints from other players on my server about lag, most of them playing on somewhat older devices, while I see no adverse lag at the same time, playing on my iphone 6.

So, I think glass should probably be added to the contributors. It makes rendering any scene a bit more complicated with it’s transparency and affect on light. But with all of these contributors, you’ll see it have more of an effect on older devices.


Platinum Is different than titanium. It has a moving texture like water and many benches and lights.

@jemnidad I think because the falling leaves don’t actually exist (it’s just pixels moving around, not for instance a block) they don’t really cause lag.
Also, since falling leaves are client-side and not server-side, any lag involved would be on a device, not the server.


Oops. I actuslly meant platinum not titanium. Lol. I will fix the typo.


Isn’t that true for all of these things? The client itself is what renders a portal to shimmer, and flames to flicker, and light to be cast properly, forming shadows along with illumination. The traffic to the server is merely about the number and placement of an object, the interaction with those objects and other players, and everyone’s inventory.

So, maybe we should define lag a bit. These items contribute to what I would call “client lag”. There is also the “server lag” which is impacted by your connection speed, the number of players on the server and what those players are doing, especially moving into world chunk areas that aren’t loaded into server memory.


FYI There are two types of “lag”, one of which I do not refer to as lag at all.

One is based on network performance, and is the most proper use of the word. It means larger latency between your client device and the service you’re connected to. This is all about network routing, quality, and distance.

The second type, which is being discussed here, is more properly called “performance”, and refers to how the device handles the tasks it is running, given the resources available to it. Those resources are processor, memory, and the communication between each of them with one another, and with storage, and storage read/write speed.


Well, that’s very well explained.

I think most players I know misuse the word since it appears to be a latency between tapping an order for the BH to do and having to wait for it to respond.

I usually claim that things are laggy when I get a large wait time on the big black boxes to resolve themselves.