Things That Cause Lag



Yes, the transference of use comes from people experiencing symptoms that could be explained by network lag or bad device performance. Until it’s diagnosed one doesn’t really know what it is that’s going on.


Ok, I have a question in this regard. If some other player is in a particularly “laggy” area. Maybe there are lots of furnaces, lights and water or something. This player complains of lag. However, I, on another part of the server don’t see any issues or have any lag.

Does the server selectively send chunks to each client that needs to view them? So, if I’m not attempting to load that area, my client might not impacted by that area of performance lag. Or is it just a matter of me having a faster device?


It could be a number of things. They may have a slower device (performance), or network issues that kick in with certain data loads (network lag), or they may be experiencing problems with storage on their device (performance). Packet loss (network lag) causes awful problems, and loss of items placed, picked up, or moved while it’s going on. This is why when it occurs I ask players to try from a different wifi network. Another trick is to try joining and going to that area with a new in-game name and BH. This is because if the save data for a particular IGN is damaged it can also cause symptoms like crashes, slowness, or disconnections.


Ah, all good to know. thanks.


Even the “real lag”, as @milla put it, can have very different causes.
The way from the world’s server to your device’s client is long and very different for different people. Now, it may be that the server itself lags. It may be that the “way” is so long that it takes considerable time. It may be that your bandwidth is limited at any point in this “way”. Or some piece of hardware which somehow processes the data and introduces a variable delay here.
Due to this, I would say there is not really a way to absolutely determine lag. Sure, some major issues may persist for everyone. (The fish on Blokonomy are a good example, I believe. Floating items are, too.) But mostly network latency is introduced by individual issues that can’t be tracked down and fixed by the world owner.
And of course the other kind is “performance” (credit to @milla again) which is just as individual and there is no one to blame bit your device.

That’s why I believe there is not really much to be done about the lag which does not involve changing the game itself. I never ran an analysis on that, but I believe multiplayer is gobbling lots of network bandwidth, so that would be something to hand off to Dave for optimisation.


Yes, I probably should have said that there are two types of performance lag, and one is server-side :slight_smile:

The Blockheads is particular traffic-hungry, so lower-end connections do suffer network lag.

Server-side performance lag is unlikely, as the machines are virtual, and if they were not coping we’d know and be able to alter their specifications.


So, are the black boxes of macro blocks due to network latency to load it to my device or memory usage on my device? I’m rather curious. I am currently working on a project and referring back to another macro block to see a painting for reference. Even if I load the macro block with the painting and then pan away to my project and return one minute later, the macro block is black again and needs to be reloaded. Is this all due to the painting itself?


That would be your device unloading the macroblock every time you look away to reduce memory usage (very important for those of us with old devices!) If you want to keep it loaded, leave a blockhead there.

Macroblocks are black if they haven’t been loaded yet, so in this case it is probably network latency.


Do platinum blocks Cause lag because they have a bit of a animation


It might some, especially on older devices, but I wouldn’t worry to much about them.


Will these cause lag first pic all the chandeliers second pic all the gems and chandeliers


Yes! All the lights and jewels will lag a bit especially for older devices.


Don’t forgot about portals!

I’ve also fixed the “Hide Details/Spoilers” tag.


Yes regular portals are probably the biggest lagger of all!


I’m noticing exceptional lag during the shift from day/night after the update to 1.7 as well as an increase in lag with use of luminous plaster. Lag has been increasingly marked since the update and often makes builds next to impossible. Does not matter if I am using WiFi or straight ISP on an iPhone 6plus - even worse on android. Also - LOTS of lost items with safes containing eggs.


Luminous plaster isn’t laggy for me.


Maybe that’s not it at all - who knows. I thought there was a connection, especially since the platinum backwall has been mentioned.


I suspect that all the fruit trees and vegetation, with the dropped fruit/food feature in 1.7, causes the most lag now. I imagine, all the dropped fruit would have the same affect as excessive dropped items.
Just my own theory.


I think you are exactly right on that one @Thuthu . The lag is so bad from all the drops that many players are quitting out of frustration. This is a huge problem that needs to be solved. I think the dropping fruit needs to be reverted to disappearing on the trees.


I guess Dave would have to see why, but the fruit count didn’t really change, right? I mean before 1.7 they were still there and spinning, just all independently at their own location in trees. Maybe the code that checks if fruit should even fall or not is not efficient.

I still get horrible lag on servers like Atmos, Skylands Arena and Rabbithole, just moving into chunks that don’t even have trees.