Things That Cause Lag



What do I know… but perhaps the effects of mass items on the ground on top of each other is far worse than items that generate in individual squares in the trees… When fruit falls, you have the combined apples (all apples from a certain vertical column) stacking on top of each other on the ground. Add to this (in the dodo farm scenario) dodos walking across and eggs laid in those same spaces and I would think there is much more data/activity in each of those squares that may cause the compounded lag.

I also think there is no questioning the fact that the 1.7 update generates larger mobs. Dodos hatch like never before. As do all other animals. I mean… the shark numbers are bonkers. To me the increased numbers are really noticeable (dodos, sharks, donkeys – drop bears seemed to stay the same, scorpions seemed to stay the same, fish seemed to stay the same… and there is, of course, the addition of unicorns as well).

When I was on MR last with Wicked only, the lag on my server was severe. I had a hard time just placing signs. Ended up having to have Wicked leave for a time while I did it.


When your server takes over paintings it causes lag too right.


On Sunset Moon (or Sunset Moons, as I had to rename it), when I scroll around the Really Big Hole we have made, stone walls appear out of nowhere. They cannot be mined and stay for any time between 2-15 seconds.


Paintings don’t help due to their size and need to load an image, but the floating fruit and mobs all add animations that the server and client both have to process.

@Thuthu I mean logically it makes sense that these additions certainly would not help matters. I don’t imagine you have many dodos on MR, so I’m getting scared about the number of sharks. :smiling_imp:


You should be scared… very scared. :smiling_imp:
just joking.
… or am I?:thinking:


I think when you have a lot of fish and sharks in your world it also causes lag. I think this because I have a world that I made a big aquarium to get fish and sharks to spawn but it spawns so many that my game lags really bad.