Thinking of migrating gameplay to Apple - Do ads still work?

Since learning that the ads on Android don’t work due to the ad provider going out of business, does the Apple version still support ads, given if they’re on a different provider?

If I do move to Apple, it’s going to be a pain due to not being able to keep my personal worlds and Double-Time.

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Ads do work on apple devices they are available to watch every ten minutes. I don’t know if you’ll be able to keep the personal worlds (if your talking about single player) and you might have to talk to noodlecake or maybe milla about the double time because it might not be transferable to a different device to my knowledge but I could be wrong.

Very unlikely for Double-Time for between Apple and Android…

I think you might be able to keep your personal worlds if you merge your old support ID with your new support ID.

If you make the switch and agree not to load the app on your Android device again I can merge your Android account into your Apple one. If you then load the app on Android it will break your account, which is why you shouldn’t :slight_smile:

That will mean you still have access to all your data relating to your online worlds hosted with us, such as Blockheads and their inventories, worlds, and in-game names. Your singleplayer worlds aren’t something I can help with, but other players may be able to.

Double-time won’t transfer, but I can send you your TCs from Android once the merger is done.


Thanks for the offer, but considering my amount of Time Crystals (Found naturally with only the Facebook offer used and none purchased) and what can’t be carried over and the risks, I think I’m better off keeping Android as a portable “unofficial slightly-harder than the official hard mode” and just starting over on Apple as a separate account altogether. Only thing I pretty much have to do is purchase Double Time for Apple.

I don’t have anything to worry about considering the Online Worlds, given that I didn’t use them anyway.

Take a look at these topics. They might be able to help you. :slight_smile: