Thirst and Juice


Why hunger when you have thirst! I know this has been mentioned before, but this is a different approach.

There is a thirst bar beneath the hunger bar in the stats. Eating all food except fruit and vegetables will make you thirsty. Everyday work and being in the desert will also make you thirsty. Sleeping will slightly make the bar go down, and being in water will stop the bar from going down (it will not make it go up, just not make it go down.)

Thirst will have the same debuffs as hunger.

Starting the game
Eating fruit will bring the bar up a bit. So will drinking buckets of water.

At crafting bench level 2, you can make a juicer.

Thirst Quencher
1 press
5 apples
5 oranges
1 bucket of water

(Tough luck if you can’t find apples or oranges anywhere :confused:)

Another useful recipe:
In a Kiln:

Glass Cup
Fill it with something.
1 glass

-What you can craft-

In addition to it being able to craft it in electric stoves, coffee and all coffee ingredients can be crafted in the juicer.

Purified Water
Water, but better!
1 glass cup
1 bucket of water.
It regenerates twice the amount of thirst than just drinking a bucket of water. In other words, Drinking normal seawater isnt very healthy, just like eating raw meat. Purified water is twice as efficient. (Water fills 3/8 of the bar, purified water 3/4). Moving on…

squeeze it out of fruits.
1 glass cup


Either one of these fruits (similar to a compost bench, as you can make compost with every kind of fruit, you can make juice with most fruits too.)

2 Apples

2 oranges

2 coconuts

2 cherries

2 carrots

2 mangos (mangoes?)

2 tomatoes

2 limes

Basically anything but chilli (chili?) peppers.

For example, you can make juice with a glass and 2 apples. You can also make juice with a glass and 2 oranges, etc. you get my point.

Drinking juice restores all of the thirst bar.

So, instead of one, you got two things to worry about! Yay!
Any questions, concerns, comments, queries, ask them in the comments.


Nice suggestion!


@Mhead please use the like button if you agree with a suggestion. :wink:

I personally disagree with having a thirst bar due to just…
Why do we need it? I think it’s boring and repetitive to constantly worry about thirst too when there’s already hunger. However, hunger has a benifit: healing. But will thirst do anything if I drink water?
And also I would need a diff inventory setup and have an extra slot for juices.


Ok, notes taken.


I like the idea but it’s already hard enough trying keep happiness, hunger and energy up.

Question: Would the fruit hat fill the thirst bar like it does for the hunger bar?


Or maybe the ice shoes because they “melt” overtime.

O.O What is gloves were added so we could have all the buffs.

EX: replace the warming coat (?) from the north pole with warm gloves so you could have all the ‘buffs’ and still have a jetpack!

Edit: It’s not a coat, its a hat.


Thirst should be exclusive to expert mode. The game is hard enough as it is.


I wish this implementation in the game. It makes fruit more useful than eating :smiley:


It’s a hat


Sorry I forgot what is was, I don’t know why I thought it was a coat


I think a juicer would be a super fun idea! Maybe the thirst bar could be something for expert but juice and filtered water could still do something for regular blockheads? Maybe an energy burst like coffee or crafting faster from a “sugar rush”? Either way I think these ideas would be awesome in blockheads.


I welcome more uses for fruit but not the thirst bar.

But more edible products seems to always be a plus :blush:


THIS IS GENIUS. I don’t know why I like this so much, but I really hope Dave considers this…