This background music exists?

Searching for The Blockheads on youtube, i stumbled across a user that posted the whole background music track on their channel. But there’s one specifically that never in my 6 years of playing this game, did i ever hear. In the comment section some people are saying that it’s rare, or that it was never in the game.

What do you all think? Have you ever heard it?


I normally hear part of it in the morning on servers, like when I either wake up in the morning, or stop medding in the morning. I don’t think it would be common to hear in random parts of the day for the game.


I’ve heard this several times in a row in the morning. I didn’t think about it being rare, but I don’t think the song ever plays through all the way.

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Morning theme ? Anyway I heard this before

Yep the morning soundtrack in blockheads is taken from that classical music piece. And the midnight soundtrack is dance of a sugar plum fairy. Don’t get me started on it my mum has those things on a bunch of CDs playing all the time lol


I think I’ve heard this song during the very early updates of blockheads during morning time in single player. 6 years in the past minimum. I agree with Haduj8, I don’t think I’ve ever heard more than half the song. Otherwise I would have remembered how loud it sounds back then.

A lot of those songs were composed by Kevin MacLeod, right?

Oh i see, so it never plays all the way through. And the occasion has to be exactly at morning? I might have to test this out for a while.

@WumboJumbo Yep.

Not composed. He produced the music. The composers are all long dead, which is why the music is free.


What?! I’ve never heard this! Usually every morning song is the one you hear when you start a world and do the tutorial.

Well around Christmas 2019 I muted all songs since I preferred playing other songs while I play, but I’ve never heard it then. I don’t recall seeing this in the credits either, when I last checked and heard each song a while ago(when I first started playing this game, that is, which was right before the jet pack update).