This death bug I've been having


So i was playing on a server called The maze runner, was getting supllies and died in a certain place. I waited for my BH to respawn to have him suddenly have damage and die again
When i was playing on the server, i didn’t really have good internet, it was laggy and sometimes have connection problems but it runned good enough.

Hope this is useful or relevant


It says the page doesn’t exist.


can you check it now?


there i think its fixed


The picture has 74 views… Is that normal?


I can not help with the problem. But Thu urges everybody NOT to give any hints on how you get through the maze or how to prepare for it. It’s not nice to ignore it


You die multiple deaths on the Maze Runner for spoiling. :smiling_imp:

Joking aside (may not be joking), you died again right after you re-spawned?
I believe that was just a glitch or connection issue…
… or was it?! :smiling_imp:


i did have some internet connection problems but when i was waiting for my character to respawn it was running ok
it happended twice but the first time thankfully didn’t kill me but damaged me badly


Honestly i have no idea why xD
maybe i posted it on imgur? :\