This game is slowly dying

there has not been an update on the game for months people are loosing interest including me. Things from the 6.1 update are not even novelty any more this sucks.

6.1? Funny, but I don’t remember there ever being a 6.1 update.
The reason for no updates is that Dave is semi-retired:

We are at 1.6 not 6.1
Dave is working on the update

You may say the game may die, and it might , but the trust of the community Won’t die… We wait faithfully for the 6.1 update… I have found that although we want updates , we have barely scratched the secrets of this game itself… If you tried , you would see many things that the update doesn’t list… The game has nearly limitless pontential and that’s why we can keep waiting as a player , as we don’t know all the secrets… If you want tp know there are 22,000 basic codes in the blockheads… And over 20 billion codes… Not used … See what little have we learned about the game…

Those who have been here since 1.0 know: Good things come to those who wait. :slight_smile:

One reason is that Dave is working on other pursuits, so Blockheads is only getting maybe 50% of his working time or less. Let’s face it - Blockheads can’t keep updating and adding features forever. With all the lag we presently experience, new content surely won’t do anything to improve that.

Besides, many games on the App Store are never updated for new content at all. Just bug fixes, that’s it. I have been amazed and thrilled to see The Blockheads go from version 1.0 to what it is now.

Version 1.6.1 is really just for bug fixes, but Dave has thrown in a few tantalizing new features such as Random World Generator Seeds, Climate & Terrain controls. Even though it’s a minor update, I think it will add some new possibilities to Cloud Worlds. I sure hope there will be a version 1.7 - but if it takes 2 years, I can wait. It will make it all the more sweet once it comes.

I was actually considering starting a server when 1.6.1 comes out. Anyway, Dave needs to do something about lag. I really don’t want to use a game where official server hosting systems have rollbacks and where piracy makes support wait times nearly reach the [SIZE=5]***[U]Critical Point[/U]***[/SIZE] where deliberate rollbacks and backup access is impossible.

Maybe Dave should just get a 1.6.1 update with TC hacking fixes out fast, and release new world gen options later.

All games die, eventually. The Blockheads still has a strong heartbeat, but one day it will stop.

With many addicted player loyal. It not :slight_smile:

Wait - Master of Orion hasn’t died yet! I still actually play it sometimes. It’s like 25 years old now.
I heard that the same company that makes World of Tanks is doing a Reboot of Master of Orion. I hope it will be an app!

For you young’uns out there, Master of Orion was Pre-Windows on the PC computer. It was a DOS game. Yes - DOS - it stands for “Disk Operating System” if I recall correctly. You see, we used to boot up our computers using a thin floppy disk! Master of Orion was about 10 years ahead of its time - perhaps more so. It was a gorgeous, amazing, turn-based space exploration and conquer game. Google it for more info - there’s plenty info on it out there.

But my point is: Imagine Blockheads 25 years from now. Will you still play it? My bet is Yes. Based on Master of Orion.

It has pretty good graphics for something 25 years old

And we can’t forget everyone’s favorite 31-year-old game :stuck_out_tongue:


Showing my age … I remember that game when it first came out lol

Most sandbox building games have the ability to live on forever. Why? Because they never end.

I have stop 2 years before.
Now i am active again.

The strange fascination of games.
After years you want play them again.

Retrostyle :smiley:

As long as the cloud servers are up, I think people will want to play this.

And I know of some games that get barely any updates but have mod support that are still going great.

The key to keeping BH fresh is to think up new minigames and events for your servers. That’s my tack on it anyway. I’m full steam ahead on handcar golf, and my server has hit max capacity like never before. We have way over [strike]one[/strike] TWO dozen racers on the scoreboard too.

is tetris that old? then what do you call super mario? hehehe ooh those days when you have to put in that bulky cartridge into the family comp…in and out of pipes…

games dont generally die. only when the people who love it leave it, OR nobody wants to revive it anymore. The Blockheads is one of the BEST things that has ever happened to handheld games. It was just a vision of my childhood imagination, and suddenly it’s real! i didnt expect someone like Dave could make the little people in a little world come to life through this. Long live Blockheads!

@Skeeve: If you would like to see Master of Orion on mobile, try Starbase Orion, a universal app. $7.99.
On a more relevant note, no, the game will never truly die. Not as long as we still have a wonderful, dedicated community such as this. And so many of us are introducing our children to the game. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see yet another generation doing much the same as we, someday.

Don’t say that! Don’t EVER say that!