This is amazing: joining my own world :lol:


I literally just joined my own world:

Looks like I beat the system: I can now have 10 Blockheads at once XD

But not only that happened.
For whatever reason my phone says I can join unihorse. Like, it says I already joined it even though I only joined it through my iPad
Hmmmmm… maybe I can join unihorse now…?
Nope. But on the bright side I can join my original world. 10 Blockheads for me!! Lol


You’ve cloned yourself! :cool:


Try having 16 devices having played the world at once :stuck_out_tongue:

You could have at least 80 blockheads all at once. i think :slight_smile:


That’s insane!




80. Wow. That’s a bunch of blockheads. Also, @SSundeeFan246, was this done on two separate devices, or what?


Yes this was done using my iPad and my phone


Did the same thing on hello world


Elijah?! That’s my cousins name lol

And it’s also funny because my first name starts with El.

Are you advertising your server?


Naw I didn’t make a server just opened local multiplayer on one of my single player worlds.


I MUST TRY DAT :open_mouth:
Yes this is clear, discourse :wow:


Mac: 32 x 5 = 160 blockheads at once


How to break a server 101


Wow that is a lot of Blockheads.
Imagine if you had not only your current phone and your tablet, but you had like 2 old phones. And then your parents had 3 old phones in total. Then your brother wanted to join in and he lent you his old phone too.
That is 8 devices!!
Use your Hotspot and connect all the devices to it (or connect the devices to your WiFi, whichever one works for you), then download TBH on all of them if possible. Open your main world to local multiplayer and use all the devices to join in. Make sure your brother doesn’t know when your doing this so he doesn’t greif your world
Now you have 7 extra BHs wondering around your world. Not only do you have extra inventory space, but you also have a sacrifice.
Troll tailing you? No problem! Have one of the extra BHs hit it and it’ll no longer be after you! I also suggest you to use this as a technique to get the treasure without killing the troll
Need extra crafting help? Get a extra BH or two and they can do the crafting for you!
Need your farms to be watched over? Get a extra BH to do it!
Need extra inventory space? Get a extra BH to trail you so it can pick up the stuff you can’t get!
There are so many different ways you can use this, honestly. You can also use it to have two profiles on a server. Double the money!!


I did this before you made the post. You ruined my secret (how do you make the line go through the text???) lol on giants I have my sunflower factory and having my iPad crafting 24/7 really helps


@Connor15 all you have to do is put two of these ~ in front of the text and two of them after the text,
Ex. ~~blockheads>Minecraft ~~
Also never leave a space before the squiggly lines or it won’t work. I just did that so you can see what it looks like.


I use another connected device to create third-person time lapses on my youtube channel. Only have one so far, that’s on episode 2 of Gather Everything.


Do it like this
Or like this

~~Do it like this~~ <del>Or like this</del>