This is just inconvenient (keyboard sign issue)


Is there any way I can fix this?
I can’t press okay neither cancel
The device i am using is a iPhone 5S


Did you try using the return button?


The same thing happens to me, try switching your phone horizontal


Thanks but I still need To find a easier way to do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it stinks lol.


Try pressing where the button is supposed to be


exit the game and rejoin


I spammed it,it’s just giving me predictives

Thanks I will try,but I think it will be a little annoying.


Please don’t double post, @ZAUKS. Edit the previous post and delete that one. And okay.


Uh, that is a easy way?


Umm I don’t see the problem?


Wait…am I actually double posting?
I have no idea what I am actually doing :frowning:
It seems I am confused,how do I know if I doubled post?

I can’t press okay or cancel,basically I just can’t quit the sign editing


You double posted again


I see,so I am just seperating comments…
I should really pay attention to my comments.if this comment was also double posting then I actually really confused now


You have to rotate your screen to show the button.


Changed topic to #bugs-glitches, as it appears to be asking for help on something that shouldn’t be in the game. Also made title more informative


Turn your device around.


LG Stylo 3
Nougat 7.0

Sometimes the keyboard never comes up at all when I need to type.
I’m using G-board
Google’s keyboard came with my phone