This is... Unusual

Recently when my server went down i was recently going to pay for 30 days of credit and I accidentally backed out of home and opened the app back up then it crashed… so I tried again and this insane price came up.
As you can see in this cropped image.

Edit: I realized that the app was corrupt from a recent data transfer and I have to start all over. So. All of my money and servers are dead and gone :frowning:


Congratulations now you have to be a millionaire to keep your world open


Looks fake to me. The font doesn’t match and the text isn’t even in the box.

Yeah see here:

The font used for prices is different but no shadow is behind the text.


Are you using IOS?
Edit: Just double checked (and yes it is real)
And our fonts are different, this has always been the case for my
LG stylo 3
7.0 nougat phone

Changed to #bugs-glitches-android. :slight_smile:

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That’s some really cheap server credit.

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And now Since yiu were using Android device and this happens to you, you should email @noodlecake_ben he can help you for this and you should explain and discuss to him how this happened :slight_smile:

Pocket change. :wink:

Even if this is probably fake I still laughed hard :laughing:

Only the richest of the rich can afford a Blockheads server :rofl: :lol: :joy:

Majicdave: You have to pay to add credit.

Everyone: Okay, how much?

Majicdave: $0.99 per week

Everyone: Wow! Cheap :slight_smile:

Everyone: buys server credit

Bank account: You’re experiencing fraud. You are now $184,467,440,096,000.00 in dept.

Majicdave: By the way, i’m just joking. Server credit is actually $184,467,440,096,000.00 per second :smile:

Everyone: :what:

Bill Gates: Wow. $184,467,440,096,000.00. How cheap. Can i have 10 servers please?


Probably fake, but ridiculous prices have happened…

See here.

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this offends Scrooge mc duck and Mr krabs


Don’t forget Moe

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That’s more than America’s DEBT!!!

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Maybe Jeff Bezos can afford that too :wink:

When did Bill Gates become a trillionare? Does he secretly own infinite money with the ability to distribute more?

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Well, people say Bill Gates is earning something every second.

Sorry for being off topic.

He isn’t even THE richest person on Earth.

He is part of richest people in the world that who develop the Microsoft for computer and now the exclusive richest person in the earth named Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon.

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