This make anyone else feel noglastic?

This is how the server landscape looked around the time of the founding of my gaming team that has been going on for 6 years now.

Wow, I remember the old dodo wars and the grill nestea memes, anyone else?


I can see Neverland at the bottom!

What was it like in July 2016/August 2016? :smirk:

Reading the list of names… Emo burger, Hiyaa, Imperials, Toad, Jem, Caron, BlockAce…

And the worlds. The most nostalgic to me is Goodwill. Thinking back they were probably all duped :lol:

I miss 2016-2018 Blockheads.

Ah yes, back when everyone was obsessed with "grilling " everyone. Well, not everyone, but enough people to leave an impression. And the “dodos are evil” phase.

I’m impressed with my generally faulty memory that I remember all the users in the screenshot lol, but it’s also a coincidence and happens to be people I’ve interacted with, I suppose.

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So do I. I remember when I first met you in-game.