Threads About Discord Services

I really don’t want flow-on of dramas from Discord entering this community. The board is not here as an alternative place to squabble about stuff going on outside the game or forums.

I am including any drama you might encounter on the official Blockheads channel on Dave’s Sapiens server. If you have drama there, deal with it there. Dave has appointed a good team of community members do handle things on Discord, so I can focus on this community and the support email. If I do happen to be in Discord I am happy to handle things in Discord, but otherwise please respect the official Sapiens moderating team, and don’t bring it here.

Much appreciated! :upside_down_face:


Thank u for posting that :slight_smile:

What about #off-topic?

i feel like discord in general has a lot of issues, the discord moderators doesn’t seem to put in close to 100%, and the messages in reply to reports seem automated with a new name each time

it’s no secret that account bans are often baloney, and its security can be really lax, discussion of discord drama just makes it seem worse, because you’re going to constantly see drama videos on youtube about drama or people ‘exposing’ pedophiles, it’s pretty crazy

it makes it less comfortable remembering there was an fbi investigation into the app that had to do with child grooming, this crazy stuff is why i don’t use discord, it’s just not worth it :rofl:

Personally I think at a certain age your old enough to detect when someone’s grooming or trying to scam you. But I mean there’s also those times you can fake your way and make money off them then lock them (I do not recommend this as some people are just psychos)

I would have to disagree with that statement.

Administrators running Discord servers are no exception.

I sent a report about a month ago to their trust and safety team about an underage user, and he hasn’t been banned yet.

The board means all forums.

@courageous.spinal: Any kind of chat is really hard to administer, which is why I never made it officially available for this community. It’s the sole reason the game’s age rating was increased.

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I never even knew the game age rating was increased

Yes, it was rated as suitable for under 13s, because the only bad stuff was use of caffeine and cartoon violence. Once in-game chat was added I asked Dave to increase it.


that’s true, i’m not sure how many have had on-record fbi investigation, but on point there are also more extreme allegations individually i won’t get into, but it is a good choice to have your own control here, you certainly do better monitoring than them, consider that a compliment, but with that comparison i can’t give too much credit alone