Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


-clicks like- (I’m out for the day or for another hour)


DAMMMN! That’s good!


After a really long, stressful week at work, seeing awesome pixel art like this makes my day :slight_smile: You have a talent ThuThu, you definitely do :blush:


My guess for the name: Mona Milla


Love that @Ronnie. Wish it was.
But it isn’t.


Camilla Koustos?


Great guess :slight_smile: but nope.


It’s stunning. Can we get a hint? Is it one word or two?


One word.


What I saw it, the first word that came to mind was “compasison.” Is it something like that? :grinning:


Hmmm… this is not very creative, but… is it “Blockhead”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. Nope. Good guesses though.


Could this absolutely magnificent work of art be entitled… perhaps… Pixmilla? Because it’s Milla, but pixellated? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ding ding ding ding.
It’s called “PixMilla”.
Good job, Lettuce.


I have never seen milla so…
I had no idea


Thuthu, today I was on a boat through New York when I suddenly recognized one of your builds. I looked yours up and what do you know… it looks exactly the same! Proof:

Tsk tsk. They totally copied it from you. :smiley:


Wicked, you’re absolutely right! I can’t argue with such clear proof! Did you get close enough to to see if they ALSO copied our track around it? :wink:

Oh. And someone griefed the “Happy Birthday Thuthu” to the right. :confused:


Welcome to the Thunited States of America!


Well, I set foot on their island. My findings are that they are trying to put rails in the sky also, but unfortunately for them, they keep dropping into the water. :smiling_imp:

@jemnidad ha! Thank you, Jem. I am enjoying it very much! :smiley:


too cool.
how much that taked from u?:stare: