Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


Celebrating Wicked Griever’s Bday with a new build.

It always amazes me how long it takes to make a build interactive (meaning people can fly/walk through it throughout the piece and kind of treat it like a jungle gym).
Approx 475 lights, 1630 doors, 1100 elevator shafts and many many hours later, it’s done.
I’m happy with it, and most importantly, I think Wick likes it.
Happy Birthday, @Wicked! Thank god birthdays only come once a year. :joy:


Whoa!! That is another masterpiece to behold! It never ceases to amaze me what your creative mind brings to life @Thuthu

Happy Birthday Wicked!! :gift:


It’s so amazing and beautiful, Thu! I have always admired your bravery and perseverance for taking on massive projects and finishing them within a couple of days or even less. Usually less, like this one! Simply extraordinary, you are. :relieved:

Thank you for giving me the best birthday gift ever! I love taking the elevators (plural x 1000) through your builds. You are definitely the elevator expert too, among the many other expertises you possess! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Thuthu :heart:


Wow Thu! It would take me all year to build something half as good as that. When are you releasing the Thuthu app?


Right now the THU app is in Alpha (not even in Beta)… working on the Maze Runner… :smiling_imp:

Something is wrong with it because it just keeps making this strange mwahahahahahaha sound.


Oooh, oooh, I would like to apply for the beta. I don’t mind the mwahahaha sound. so leave that in. I just have a few plans to use it on:
A giant King of Diamonds card
A floating island resting on the back of elephants, standing on the back of a giant turtle.
An Alice in Wonderland themed spawn renovation on Rabbithole.
More Star Wars decorations for the pod race course.

  • Giant King of Diamonds Card, I thought, was already loaded onto the Jem App.
  • As was the island on the elephant. It does sounds so cool. Kind of want to do that one… but isn’t it cheating if you haven’t read the books? :smirk:
  • I was thinking about making an Alice in Wonderland server, at one point… hmm. Maybe should divert my ideas onto Rabbithole.
  • Star Wars pod race course kicks butt. And I think it looks great. Yeah. I kind of feel like I owe you something on that course… I just haven’t had a lightbulb moment for that one yet.

… and Stop distracting me from MR… or do you NEVER want to see what’s next? :smiling_imp:

As it is… the next phase won’t probably be open until Dave’s 1.9.2 update!
To give you some perspective, at the rate I’m going, the next phase of the Maze Runner won’t be done until…

  • @majicDave has won the Triple Crown of Surfing three times and established a global chain of woodfire pizzerias (famous for it’s 15 minute delivery guarantee),
  • @milla is the new “Dear Abby” of all Social Media (answering all questions about all things) with her own #1 talkshow on the Oprah network
  • BHs is playable using holographic technology invented by @Bibliophile through his fortune 500 company Bibtech,
  • you @jemnidad will be busy running Jemcon (an international convention of Jem approved games (including 4 of your own) in all platforms)-- all transportation to/from/within the convention will be, of course, via handcar,
  • @Cactus_Jack is No. 1 on all Billboard Pop/R&B/Rap charts, just finishing up his 2nd World Tour,
  • @asyc will have won her 3rd Nobel Peace Prize for world peace through party planning,
  • @Smeeglefied will be heralded as the “bad boy” on the interntional art scene, his retrospective entitled All things Worm being called the next great thing since Impressionism,
  • @Wicked will have invented the cure to cancer, teleportation and how to actually keep things from getting soggy in the microwave…

… I could go on and on…


Oh, right, right, right. Ok, put full power on MR. Lower the shields and max the hyperdrive. Stop piddling around with these massive birthday thingies. I will just bide my time with some stick drawings of elephants and maybe just one big honking diamond on an Ace card instead. Oh snap, that just gave me a brain wave of an idea. Carry on while I go find the Skeevatron.


Another fan of Sir Terry’s works, I presume?


Waiting for someone to create a Discworld theme server :wink:


And another one!?
I’ve met more people here who actually know what Discworld is than I’ve met in the rest of my life. :neutral_face:
How perculiar…


Yes I have a rather long and convoluted story about how I became a Discworld fan, but I’ll save that for another time and not clutter up Thuthu’s thread more than I have already.

@Thuthu, well if that’s all we have to wait for…I may as well delete MR from my spinner.


@jemnidad Please start a new Discworld thread for story time for all Sir Terry’s fans :elephant: :


Spectacular Thu!!! I’m simply amazed!!! Sorry I missed it earlier, so happy belated birthday Wicked :slight_smile:


but how did you get a baby cave troll in this picture


The top on is a large painting. :slight_smile: The bottom one is a real cave troll. There are no such things as baby cave trolls. :wink:


Oh, i didn’t relize it was a painting. silly me :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations thuthu for having the most liked thread of all time! This was a hit! :smiley:


Thanks, @TheFoil. :blush:


That’s a lot of likes… More than @TheBest1Ever lego blockhead.

Even Milla and Dave liked it!