Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


There I am at the bottom right! XD


Which one is milla


Top row, third from the right is milla’s bunnie pic:


And third row, fourth from the left is me! :smiley:


It’s nice to see all the forumers in one thread

Am i the only one who likes to look at all the pictures and guess what their name is?


And from that you can see I forgot to like it

Dangit, now I have to go back and demoralize my builds to like it :laughing:


No I meant in the photoboming Milla pic


Milla is the blockhead sitting directly above the sign in the pic.


How long did it take yoy to build all these @Thuthu


Depends on the build, @TheFoil. A few hours, several hours, an all-nighter, or days (off and on). Most were done in a few hours once I figured out what I wanted to do. I don’t tend to like leaving builds unfinished if it’s on a server with other people.

The Duomo took awhile for @Wicked and I… but we were also building Egypt and several other projects on that server at the same time. We were also probably chatting as much (if not more) than building.

Milla’s pic, called “PixMilla” was the most grueling. I got it in my head to finish that in one night so it wouldn’t be incomplete when anyone saw it for the first time. At around 2a and only maybe 1/3 done I was kicking myself, but powered through by pulling an all-nighter. I had plans to do a PixDave… but this one nearly killed me… so, I’ll just wait until Dave creates a server called PixDave… and then, I’ll build it. :wink:


Where r u then


I’m speechless at how amazing the builds are, you are extremely talented… I have an idea to see who’s the best of all…

Anyone up for a competition of sorts?


Which post is that!!??!!?


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Hi, I’m not sure what you meant by “which post is that?”

If you are referring to the screenshot I posted of the 77 likes with ppl’s avatars above, it was from the first post.

Please let me know if I’m misinterpreting your question. Thanks.


Hehe @Thuthu I would love to see you do the Dave edition—I know you would out beat mine! :upside_down_face:


I wish i was talented like thuthu. :frowning:


Not a competition :relaxed:
Your Dave build is absolutely phenomenal!


I personally find smaller builds like yours and mine more enjoyable, due to the sense that small build s can look nice too, if you work hard enough.
(The foil house was nice as well)
(No offense @Thuthu)