Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


It’s not a sky… is all I can say. And it is a practical screen grab (not photoshopped image).


Not a sky?! Now I’m truly frightened…


Wow, Thuthu! When did you build all of this?! You keep impressing me and I have always thought you are amazing. Also, very brave of you for running your worlds all by yourself! :smiley:


I love the theme of this build sooo much! You’re super skilled at this, as well as dedicated. I just can’t get over the fact that you call this a ‘quick’ build. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It takes me three hours to make a basic smiley face pixel art, meh… it’s fun anyways.


Omg! I looked upon your builds as i was shockingly amazed of how one can do such glory and beauty! I am also a builder too! But differently i work with 3d such like mincraft games althou i play on agame " called cubic castles" where im really know there haha! But i really love ur works u have outdone youself! Good job Thuthu and nice to meet you! On da way >:star_struck:


Hi @Valyreena. Very nice meeting you and I’m happy you like my builds. I used to love playing on Minecraft too. (lots of fun — though I haven’t played there in awhile). Never been on cubic castles though.

You should create a thread with your Minecraft/cubic castles builds in the Off Topic category. Would love to see them. :relaxed:


Hey when time u opening the server? Really excited hehe to open again :slight_smile:


Thanks to Jem and his very successful recruitment tactics, I’ve been obsessively building on the server Rabbithole, helping to build a fun train ride with @jemnidad and @Brer-Rabbit.

I’m really happy with the outcome of my portion.
The entire ride is still a work in process, but it promises to be a really fun ride.

…a ride through the garden under the watchful eye of the cheshire cat…

…tweedle dee and tweedle dum…

… who are u???..
a wacky ride through a mushroom forest, pass the caterpillar and just follow the glowing letters and a few smoke rings…

I’ve always planned on creating a Disneyland server… but maybe this has gotten it out of my system. We’ll see.


Me too, I actually created a server called Disneyland but I gave up before it went public.


In honor of my upcoming birthday, I decided to take few hours to build myself a dreamcatcher home today on a server I just happened to find randomly.

No pressure. No plan.

My only rules for myself were no paint (color only from the materials themselves) and not too much time. I’m pleased with the results. The whole thing is pretty much my own jungle gym (my favorite kind of builds) filled with trapdoors, elevators, etc.

Do you think it’ll help me catch some Zzzzs? I have high hopes.


Happy Birthday Thu! That is one splendid dreamcatcher, your choice of blocks complement each other really well, especially the colour of each feather.

I don’t think you would be getting much Zzzz as we are going to drag you out to Partay XD


Not for a few days :wink:




Yeah, Happy Birthday Thuthu! Loving the dream catcher. And your work on the Alice in Wonderland was amazing, I never pictured it coming out so beautifully.

I’ll hopefully manage to join in with @asyc and be part of the par-tay!


*Merry Birthday ThuThu! Hopefully you have been good for your birthday. lol.

Maybe it will also catch dreams as you sleep…


i love all the creations but i like the heart with oraments more! oh what shouls i say i love all of then i wish i knew how to do that!!!:kissing_heart::grinning:


I absolutely love all the new installments. You’ve always been able to incorporate natural elements like trees and sky islands so, so well. It just doesn’t get any better than that Cheshire Cat :joy:


Happy Birthday thuthu I hope this message not late… thanks :joy:


Decided to build a little “head turning” Cheshire Cat on Rabbithole, while I wait for cleared space near spawn.

I love this guy. He’s like a Harlem Globetrotter.

I might not be done with him yet… we’ll see.


I died once I read that :joy: