Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


So happy 1.7 is out!!
Been really dying to post some builds. So many new materials to make building even more fun.

Here are a couple of bases, I experimented with.
Both still aren’t quite finished, but I just couldn’t wait to share.
Hope you like them.

Here’s my first base. The theme of this one is fire and ice. My fire isn’t quite finished yet, but you get the idea.

Then, I designed this base… which has plenty of space for breeding pets and a few experiments with colors, light & shadows using some new blocks.

I’ll share some more cool things as this week… including a base I made on expert with VERY limited resources.


Wow :open_mouth:
But how you make blue donkey?


You can breed donkeys :slight_smile:


Any tips for breeding donkeys? Mine rarely get hungry so they die before I can tame them.


Well, a bit off topic… but you just need to be patient. And you need to be really vigilant about feeding them as soon as they get hungry. It can be tricky. Maybe experiment first on
single player… so you can meditate and get a feel for catching them right when they get hungry. Good luck.


So hard to tame dropbear and shark :((


We can tame them also?


Correct. This is all very off topic to this thread though, I’m sure ThuThu would appreciate that the next messages regarding this topic would be discussed somewhere else than here.




Just paint them at the donkey bench.


I’m search it again and again but there is no donkey bench


It’s next to the unicorn bush.


So, here are a couple of bases I made on the first expert world I tried.
(It’s expert… so don’t be too harsh, please).

For anyone struggling through the expert mode, you know how resources are hard to come by. Regardless, I really like how they turned out. To me, it shows that you can create something cool even with some dirt, stone, limestone, whatever. Sometimes I visit servers with rules on what materials you are allowed or not allowed build with. I understand why owners create these parameters, but I also believe that you can build some amazing houses with dirt and stone.


I want the big circle base :heart_eyes:
These are all stunning ThuThu, you amaze me every time with your creations, and the intricate patterns within. I love the yak farm design too. :yum: hard mode light bulbs are gorgeous!!


It makes being her neighbor very humbling. :wink:

Asyc and I shared a one room shack with the plaster peeling off the wall.


@Louz, you are always too kind. Coming from you is quite a compliment.

@jemnidad! I wouldn’t call your base a hovel… I looked over the hedge continually, coveting your pet hoarding lifestyle. Lol. Expert gaming in blockheads… the only place where living with a million animals doesn’t necessitate a visit from animal services.


This was on expert??


That observatory… Just… Wow… ;-;


That is just plain amazing that you were able to pull off something so cool with the simplest materials. Never knew stones and dirt can become something so beautiful.


Yes. Expert.