Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


that’s insane

In a good way tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also surprised I was the first to like that post, I’m not usually the first to do anything. ._.


Well I can show you my house on Expert, but I gotta warn you, it’s extreme




Wow, that is just… wow. You made this on expert?? All I’ve managed is a messy cave with no order at all. The thing that truly impressed me about this is that I would consider this to be a great build on a free tp setting, and then to hear it was done in a mode where even a stack of stone is hard to come by…

11/10, you put me to shame. :laughing:


So, I finished this base several days ago and thought I’d share.

The theme is my interpretation of “Fire & Ice”. (I’ve posted pics before without the “fire” element.)

The impetus was the diamond tree and ruby tree that were so close together. I wanted to do something distinctive for each. I was a bit surprised at what a pain making the fire part was. As always, it was important to me that the build is interactive (you can go through the space all over the place via lots of elevators, doors, traps etc).

I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?




My once proud dirt hut has fallen apart under the sheer awesomeness of these builds.


I love it Thu! Beautiful, as always!! :heart_eyes::yum:


Amazing Thu! I absolutely love it!!!




Thu, if you don’t stop doing these amazing builds, we’re going to come to expect it from you. Then you’ll have to up your game. :wink:

Really well done. :+1:t2:


That’s amazing! :heart_eyes:


Aww, I’ve missed this last 7hours ago while sleeping lol I dream too if thuthu will post another amazing build it is I didn’t know my dream can come true. I loved it :wink:




so THAT’s where you’ve been busy lately.


That is just incredible. Your base was always my go-to chill spot on Custom, it’s awesome to see it in its final form :blush:


Amazing fire n ice builds. Also GG on finding ruby and diamond tree like 10 blocks away from each other.
Not sure which is better. Trees or art…
It was art obviously


Mi casa es su casa. @MFS.



Probably about the translation thing, I don’t think it is a big deal but it is a rule.


Official translation:
My house is his/her/your(formal) house

Oh wait, this is google translate though, so it should be:
This apartment is you shack