Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


Ok. First, Foil’s was joking, I believe. I also believe that the posted rules were referring to mass posts that would potentially be written completely in a foreign language.

“Mi casa es su casa” means “my home is your home.” This phrase is so cliched and widely used in English that it has become a part of the english vernacular, much like “carpe diem” or “je ne sais quoi“. Though the rules state that you need to provide translations, I don’t think it’s necessary to translate a widely-used, short, foreign phrase.

This discussion is absolutely symptomatic of what has become a serious problem with forums, in my opinion— namely the over policing and ridiculous letter-of-the-law reiteration of rules for minor occurrences. There is something called common sense. Sometimes you need to look at a post, really use your best reasoning skills, and determine if it is worthwhile and necessary to begin an entire tangential discussion on something vaguely or questionably contrary to a guideline.

With that, please let’s get off this topic. Or move it to another thread.


谢谢,我现在明白了 :slight_smile:


(Thank you, I get it now from Foil since that isn’t a well none phrase)
Dazzling work as always Thu. I just realized it was a base lol :joy: my blockheads would love to live there!


[untranslated text redacted - milla]


By the name of Dave… when ThuThu said short phrases were ok she didn’t mean phrases totally unknown to most people. Please, refrain from using other languages. Things like “bon apetit or Ni Hao” are common and that’s ok but what you did just not was not. Same to foil


@TheFoil @shadowolf please take your comments off this thread. Your intentional disregard is really not appreciated.


Just saw this for first time…


Idk what to say, but this is too awesome. Looks like it took you years to make these.

Is the statue of liberty made out of emerald blocks before 1.7? :open_mouth:

I also see you read a lot


Just saw the fire and ice. Wow!

Question, what type of block did you use for he fire heart? Did you paint it?

Thanks for sharing!


@Chase_Ravenclaw No. I made the the Statue of Liberty using… marble I believe. It’s been quite awhile since I built that, I’d have to check again. I embedded lights throughout for the glow.

@Candi-Grrrl I used the ruby blocks. The darker red is what it looks like when you paint it with red. The Pink is unpainted.


So the gem blocks still glow when painted? Yay! Now that is exciting news. I need to get back to PixelArt and stop messing around with the dodos.


i miss all the people i used to play blockheads with i would do anything to play with them again one of them made this awesome sever and then helped me make my first set of armour (i know this is off topic)


Which superduper server is this?


Her art is on many servers, I know you can see some at skylands arena and rabbithole right now. And of course, The Maze Runner in the near future.


I can answer this.
What I’ve posted is across many servers over years; my servers and others. Birthday Bonanza, Bob, Oz…(I rarely post from Maze Runner because no spoilers :smiling_imp:). I have builds on Skylands Arena, Odyssey, & Rabbqithole, Pixmilla, Atlantica, some beta servers, Kepler servers, Land of DeNile, Hydronova, etc. I’m trying to focus right now on finishing projects on my own servers, and not getting sidetracked… which happens a lot.


why is the last pic a photo bomb? Just looks like a group photo.


Its a photobomb because Milla was just meditating and minding her own business when we descended on her to take that quick pick without her knowing.


For Milla/Asyc/Caron’s birthday, I wanted to build something interesting with an element of surprise.

Let me first say… I don’t like Vegemite.
Don’t understand why anyone would willingly eat thick, black yeast extract mixed with vegetables and spices. (ugh… ). Anyway, this fabulous threesome are all from a neck of the woods where eating that sludge, um I mean, food is normal (ugh… ), so I decided to give them a giant Vegemite container for their birthday. (I put myself in the right mood by listened to Men at Work (Down Under) the whole time. I bet some of you now have that song stuck in your head. My apologies).

Of course, I couldn’t help but put a bleh/yuk emoji on top.

I built some candles below and had each of the birthday gals light them on fire at the same time.

Which revealed my surprise card underneath.

Originally, I intended to have the whole thing burn up to reveal only the birthday card… but I rather like having the Vegemite Ruins to remind me of the moment. A little piece of history.

Here’s a question:
We all spend so much time building, protecting and worrying about the things we make.
Is having fun just creating something more important than the thing itself?
What do you think?


I didn’t get the build at first, but after rereading the thread a few times, I think that it’s very inventive


That’s pretty amazing.


(Insert drumming on bottles while wearing a swimsuit)
Travelling in a fried-out Combie,
On a hippie trail head full of zombie,
I met a strange lady, she made me nervous, she took me in and gave me breakfast,

(insert vicious mastication of some abomination that is presumably cereal)
And she said:

“Do you come from a land down under?
Where women go and men plunder,
Can’t you hear- can’t you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover…”

(Insert crazy flute solo)

Your building skills never fail to astound me. ;-;

Also, all their birthdays were the same date? Quite eerily coincidental.

He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich…