Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


Too bad i cant leave more than 1 like per message. I’d give one for every picture here if i could


Starting to feel a lot like Christmas…


Tis the true Christmas spirit!


Here is a poster I just made to advertise HUSH… the 2018 Holiday’s Ultimate Scavenger Hunt
(thrown by Jem & I).

Keep an eye out for a thread post entitled:
"HUSH: Jemni and Thuthu’s 2018 Holiday Ultimate Scavenger Hunt"
at 11A PST. It will have all the details on how to play.

Hope you can join!!


Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.

I REALLY want to share some stuff from Maze Runner, but can’t for obvious reasons.
Well, here was something little that doesn’t spoil anything. Too bad no one jumped on the server with the IGN “Prancer”.

Here are just a few builds that I’ve done on Birthday Bonanza relatively recently.
With over 25+ different games, a Logic Lounge area, etc… it’s coming together.

… And suddenly, I’m in the mood to really build something good. It’s been months (if not maybe over a year) that I’ve been in a bit of a funk. It’s nice to feel motivated again. Maybe brought on by a special surprise that Santa stuffed into my Christmas stocking.

Made me laugh when I saw this sticker. How did Santa know?!!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


I love the last build where they “measured” the build’s sizes lol


Thanks. It’s actually part of a logic puzzle in my Logic Lounge area… to test your brain power. :thumbsup::brain:


:astonished: this looks so much better than my attempt… didn’t see it until now. You are an amazing builder.


Your work is amazing as always Thuthu ! :blush: I admire the time and dedication you put into these builds, very impressive !


@Bibliophile, thanks so much! I thought your Christmas builds were great and your advent calendar was so fun. I think you’ll need to reprise that every year for sure.

@Nev !!! Thank you. Means a lot coming from my oldest blockheads friend. Are you playing more these days? Would love to show you stuff first hand. Hope you are doing well. :relaxed:


@Thuthu I actually opened back up ANDALASIA and have been remodeling. I’d love to see more of your amazing work ! Let me know when I can :wink:


This looks amazing! I love it.


I wonder what Thu will build next…




as thu constructs a whole 1x server to look like a giant :thinking:


Who knows?

(waits patiently at the gates of Maze Runner)


The suspense is killing me.


Suspense you say? Anxiety? You know that 10 year challnge thing going on on Facebook? This is what Thu has done to me:

It’s all her fault, I swear. :wink: