Thuthu's Builds and Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes)


Yep hi skeeve! And yep! I sure will! :wink:


The only thing I could probably make is that last Base with Milla in it.


Oh gosh!I really want to build something like that! :eek:


Woooooooo extremely amazing!!! You worked so hard on these art pieces! How much time you spend on them?


Okay, those have to be some of the best things I’ve seen in the blockheads, hands down, incredible :slight_smile:


Wow! So amazing! You have couraged me to do more pixel art!


Wow, these are amazing like really amazing! If it’s not to much, could I ask you to help me create some pixel art on my server. Because I would need all the help I can get. Plus your creations are just so AWESOME! ( I hope Iam not asking to much). A HUGE applause to @Thuthu!


Wowzies. AMAZING :o


Wow, this is LeGit stuff bro! I wish I could do this! I can only do a cuple of Nintendo Characters…


I also saw this on google and thought it was cool!
I think I can do something similar


Please don’t post pictures of anything but Thuthu’s builds in this thread.


Oh, ok, I just wanted to show something similar to what Thuthu did so I can create something similar. :slight_smile:


Not in this thread. This is a thread about Thuthu’s builds. You are welcome to start a thread about your builds, if you’d like.


Built this today and thought I’d share. I think It’s especially appropriate as a blockheads build on the doorstep of a major update.


Absolutely amazing, ThuThu! I love it!


I got bored then i search for a topic and i choosed pictures… I saw this…
Wowww!! speechless you’re really good at building!!! @Thuthu You’re goals!!!
All of them are awesome!!! but i like the most is… one looks like a city and above it there was written "I Amsterdam"
Is that a server? What’s the name?


The “Thu app” strikes again XD

Awesome build!! I can only look upon your builds in awe :slight_smile:


So glad you like it, @_HOODIE.
I :heart: Amsterdam is part of a server of mine.
I made it as a birthday present for Wicked a year ago.


What’s your server? i wanna join to it


Working on some projects there, so that server is closed to the public right now. I’ll let you know when it’s open.