Thuthu's Builds, Photobombing Milla (a little embarrassing to share, but here goes) and questions for Thu

Well, if everyone else is going to post might as well join in. I may completely flub this up (being the first time to post on the new Forums) so bare with me.

I’m going to post some of my favorite builds and see if they actually show up. Fingers crossed. (a lot of these are on my FB account, so if they bore my friends – sorry)

Some of these, I’m happy to say, are thu&wick builds. I’d love to take complete credit for his immeasurable talent… but he knows enough about me that I don’t want to ■■■■ him off. :wink: You know how that is.


The Duomo, Firenze (thu&wick)

The Statue of Liberty (click on the first pic to see the whole image)

Egypt (thu&wick)

Holland: served two ways on 2 diff servers

I like the way the river runs looks like it runs in front of the windmill.

And it’s right next to a tulip farm, of course.

This was a bday gift for Wicked/Sheriff Woody

How about a Space Station:

Troy (wonder if panoramas work on forums)

Hmm. what else?

A little holiday decorating

sailing in my ornament

let it snow… let it snow… let it snow…

An Ancient Ruin built into the mountain… (very Indiana Jones meets Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous)

Big Ben

Time Flies (all these hourglasses are so cool, the one on the right is mine)

or is it the Golden Snitch that flies?

Ship in a Bottle

Talking about Bottles… Champs Champs… a new Water Challenge

Are you getting sick of these yet? LOL

Parkour Park

Part of Atlantica (Nevroo) We built this together, and boy was it a lot of work --especially before ownership signs existed and hacking was rampant (not fun in an underwater world).

A Divergent Base: built under the flame logo

complete with PVP Arena

OZ (Dorothy, we ain’t in Kansas anymore)

An easter egg on Oz: Only for true explorers

the Maze Runner

Come now. You didn’t think I would post a pic of the maze did you? mwahahaha

So many more builds/pics to share.
(What posting pictures has taught me is that I play way too much Blockheads. LOL.)

… but I’ll end it with just a few pics from my newest server… Grand Opening Soon
Hm. Don’t want to reveal too much… tricky tricky.

What better way to end a post than with a Milla Photobomb?

xo Thuthu :wink:


These are so beautiful! Inspires me so much! Maybe I should start making bigger projects too but somehow I always end up making some little hut… :lol:


I am truly and utterly stunned! All your builds are amazing! I’m glad you shared them they are wonderful


Absolutely mind-blown!!! I love every single one of your creations, each one is full of intricate details and thoroughly well constructed. Lol, can’t you tell I’m star-struck!! Thanks so much for sharing this here (finally!! :smiley: )


How is this embarrassing ??!!! These builds are mindblowingly amazing !
I absolutely love the first one, so intricate :o


Wow. Just… Wow. It’s all impressive.


WOW Thuthu. I knew you had made some amazing things, but I don’t think I’ve seen the half of it. This is incredible.


Well, looks like I’m gonna have to quit Blockheads. Nothing I build from this point forward is ever going to top those structures!!


That’s how I’m feeling right about now…Lol

@Thuthu Amazing builds, Uht and I can’t wait to see your new server when it opens.


Ditto. I’m done. Goodbye. I thought this when I saw the first image of the Duomo. Then it just goes on and on. Thuthu you can have my servers. LOL

Seriously, this is long overdue. I always know that if I build something (like an hourglass or a ship in a bottle), Thuthu is going to come and build a better one. Like mind blowingly better. And I’m just left thinking, wow, I didn’t know pixels could do that.

I would say I’ll just stick to handcar parks but she even builds THOSE to the extreme.

Although I AM proud to host a number of these builds on my servers, including the spawn of Skylands Odyssey and her Statue of Liberty. But I can’t wait to see the new server. Just, WOW!


That’s incredible. Some of the most incredible stuff I’ve seen in this game.

(And I thought I was doing well with my one large domed building that serves no purpose and represents nothing.)


Just, wow!
I’ve never seen builds like this before, and i’ve seen alot!
That rollercoaster looks amazing, and the first build is absolutely gorgeous :open_mouth:


Aw. Thanks so much. You guys are so supportive. Incredibly happy that you like the pics. Was worried that I was posting too many and you would all start to zone out.

Skeeve, you can’t quit because I’d miss visiting your servers and dying every 30 seconds. There would be a huge black hole in the Blockheads community… and please don’t use that as an idea for your next server (called Black Hole – no air, no food, one hit kills, and a feather to start).:joy:

Well, what can I say except… as the new owner of the Skylands Franchise, you guys are all welcome to visit anytime! :wink: jkjkjkjkjjk


Ahh Thuthu these are absolutely stunning! Gosh I wish I had your skills xD. I especially appreciate the first one, because I may or may not live near it cough don’t stalk me cough and the little details are just amazing gahh all of them are just great, AMAZING job!!! :smiley:


Really?!! Firenze is one of my favorite places in the world. Lucky lucky.


Yus, Firenze (Florence) is gorgeous! I love it!! I believe Jemni told me you’ve been. Anyway, I’ll probably stop pestering you with my weird form of fangirling over your build of the Duomo XD. Still freaking out about however you’ve made it I even screenshotted the image haha, anyway Toadeh will now stop the Toad spam… :wink:


Thutu, where is the first build located at?


Absolutely amazing Thuthu. Your talent and patience with building such magnificent pixel art blows me away. One of the most talented pixel artists I know of. Wish I was capable of making pixel arts like you. So imaginative and creative! Love it!!!


This is the most amazing builds ever thuthu!!! I’m just curious how you make all these wonderful buildings that are spread throughout the servers. You must spend your time doing these arts.


Wicked and I built the Duomo on one of my servers that isn’t open to the public… yet. It started off as an experimental world with the intention of opening up a server where everything was free for creative builders in a cool and supportive environment. But once I started building, and then invited Wicked to join, we kind of got carried away and used it as a playground of big builds. I think it will be awhile before I make it public – so many projects in the works and needing to be finished before I’d feel comfortable inviting people over… but I’ll probably open it up for a weekend tour or something, since some friends have asked to see it for themselves.