Time crystal ad

I can watch loads of tc ads without having to wait


You’re lucky!

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Same here on the emulator and Moto G5S. After a while it stops though.

Uh,is this even a bug?

If they’re in 1.7, yes. There was no 10 minute wait before the update.

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But The Blockheads didn’t control the ads right?So if there’s a lot of ads its ok right?

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It’s supposed to be one advertisement every ten minutes in 1.7.


There’s a glitch that you can watch the ad, collect the time crystal, then go to device setting set the time of your device to 11 minutes in the future (Example: 12:40 to 12:51).
Go back to Blockheads you can watch another ad. You can repeat this process, BUT after you switch back to the current time, you would have to wait for the amount of time you watch ad. (Example: Starting time: 12:00, repeated the process 3 times, which is 33 minutes. So 12:33 or around that time, then change to current time, your next ad will be at 12:44)

Noo don’t tell anyone! They’ll fix it! :stuck_out_tongue:

You are lucky man. I really wish you didn’t have to wait 10 minuets. I wish I was you :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

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Your welcome!