Time Crystal Error

I cannot get any time crystals from videos. They don’t pop up. It has been over an hour. Someone help me!
So what I did is I went forward in time, and now it does not work.
I use an IPad 6th Generation

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Maybe you could reset the time to the correct time and see if it works again. It synchronizes with a 3rd party ad provider, so the time might need to be accurate.

Did you watch the maximum amount of videos per day already? Also, I think some apps make it so that if you changed the time recently, you have to wait 1 day before doing anything that’s limited by day count (like you can only do this action x times per day) to prevent abuse

If you go forward in time say it is 3:00 you go forward to 4:00 you watch a video then switch back to 3:01 (because a minute has past) you now have to wait until after 4:00 to watch a video

I think the ad provider went out of business or something like that. There might not be any time crystal ads for a while.

For android maybe but on apple I just watched one

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Don’t know what time I did it

It may be that the ad platform has no ads for your territory right now.

Yes! The problem is fixed

I always use wi-fi, why still no working, (I wait for 10 minutes and past 20 days

try reloading the game it usually works for me that way
try reseting the wifi router or your wifi connection in your phone

This is why there are no time crystal ads.

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What do you base this on? We have more than one ad platform in use.

I thought someone from Noodlecake said that the ad provider went out of business?

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Oh really? We’ve always made a point of running two ad platforms, in case one dropped out for any reason, so it shouldn’t stop ads completely, but if Noodlecake said this I’ve forgotten it. Do you remember if this came from me, Noodlecake, or a third party?

Nobody from Noodlecake has been on the forums since 2018

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No, but I pass stuff on if they tell me, and anyone can email them at any time. It may be that this came from me and I’ve forgotten it, or someone heard that from Noodlecake’s support team.

Maybe this?

No, that refers to the game code that calls on the ad provider’s API :slight_smile:

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Georgie posted Noodlecake’s response about this on Can't watch ads