TIME CRYSTAL SAFES! People have figured out how to use them again


They hurt the game. But people don’t CARE they just want free time crystals! The thing is, I CARE. I have bought over 100$ of LEGIT time crystals and everything runs smoothly. The only time I used hacked time crystals was when this guy came on my server and said that he has time crystals in safes. Back then I didn’t know what they did to the game until people explained it to me. So when I looked in a safe I was so surprised because I was a noob and I never saw time crystals in safes so I did what any other person would do and now I wish I didn’t use those hacked crystals. Anyway, people have figured out how to use them again even though they probably know they hurt the game. I saw some hacker using one and tried to explain, and he used some foul language at me in return. I just wanted to let you know, because I love The Blockheads and I do not want it to be harmed in any way.


Welcome to the forums, Electricity! One important rule here is no naming and shaming, so please remove the name of the player that gave you the TC safes. Also, what do “level 5 workbenches” do?


Ok I’ve removed the name. Also level 5 workbenches are just like level 4 workbenches except they look like level 1 workbenches. Someone said that if you have the hack and double time then it crafts things without having to use time crystals to- omg I have to get rid of them if they are able to craft things without using tc to rush it I’m sorry I just now realized that


That is it, this is getting out of hand

I am going to have to overthrow the hackers, if anyone is interested join my forum so i can create an organizezed assult on the hacker nest servers. Hacks cannot protect those tc pirates from dropped item lag. Hopefuly i can think up some grand schemes to end this new threat, as i am good at military strategy (but dont have any troops to use the strategies).

My empire declares war on the hackers!! The great tc war begins!!

If there are any greifers reading this than greif those free tc servers (and maybe get paid in plc for it if you prove you did greif them and do a good job).


Yeah, someone on SGC yesterday called us all noobs for saying that TC hacking is=stealing. If there’s one thing I hate it’s being called a noob by some idiot who doesn’t himself understand the game. Me and Bib were there and if he only knew who we were… :arrrrgh: wish I’d had a ban hammer available.


Diamond knight, Milla hates grieving.
Please do not encourage people to grief, even if they are pirating tcs.


You mustve came post tc pirating crisis not to know the destructive power of these safes, sorry if that came out rude but those tc pirates must be stopped before they cost dave too much money in servers made by pirated tc if you know what i mean.

If their only purpose is to give out pirated tc than they should be greifed.

Report every free tc server you find to milla.


Milla has clearly stated that she does not want players crashing servers.


I have to say, even if Brer came post-TC-Crisis, she/he still has the right idea. You shouldn’t grief. If you can ban and do /player and get their info, report to Milla. If you can’t, well, I suggest still reporting to Milla with their usernames. Do you really think griefing will stop them from hacking or pirating? A little nuisance like that isn’t going to affect them and their ways. It’ll just be like trying to put out a fire but worsening it.


Based on earlier posts by Milla, Majic Jungle is not really all that concerned about the TC pirates. Yeah, they probably are diminishing revenue a little, but apparently, Dave’s got a good handle on things and they aren’t hurting the game or its future development.

On the other hand - these TC pirates are ruining competitive servers like SGC where players with nearly infinite TC’s can have a huge playing advantage. My only recourse is to ban these players when they appear and start bragging about their ill-gotten TC’s.

If you really want to fight back against these guys; perhaps we can start sharing blacklists.
SGE’s is over 5000 names long, and SGC’s is growing daily. I would be willing to do this, over PM - or my email address (which can be found at the bottom of the welcome page on any of my servers)

I’ve thought about merging SGC and SGE blacklists, but the rules are different on each and some people who were banned on SGE would not necessarily have been banned on SGC.


This is outrageous.

Never accept TC safes from anyone, even if you know them.

And level 5 workbenches, I believe, are workbenches with their save files hacked.


What’s sgc?


Oh, SGC is short for “Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge”.
It’s a 16x World, made to be very difficult - one-hit-kills and PvP. Even the slightest damage kills your player and you don’t get the chance to Regenerate, you immediate RIP and have to warp in a new Blockhead.
(And if you have multiple Blockheads already, then new ones cost TC’s)
In addition to that, tool wear and clothing is fast. But on the bright side, the world is filled with maximum gems, ores, veins and cloud islands.

If you search for it, look for “Skeeves Challeng” That’s the best I could do since maximum size of names is now 16 letters.


Frog, it’s actually /players, just saying this so no one gets confused.
Was the tc crisis before early January, 2015?
I joined then but I had no idea what I did. I was just basically playing around in multiplayer servers pretending I was Freddy Fazbear and learning how to play the game, I was an extreme roleplayer back then. :lol:
But I learned how to play a few days into my playtime.
But for months I laughed at how bad I thought the blockheads community was, then I found the forums and found out about the 25 percent minority of the legit and good players.


Well, there used to be a glitch similar to duping where if you finished an upgrade using Time Crystals and left, and quickly rejoined, it would level up but still be upgrading, even if it was max level. I still have a Level 32 Workbench.


O-o You know, there’s a team of people on this one server who will destroy anything for a chestful of plat coins…


Yeah I’m tired of Hackers always thinking they can just have as much time crystals as they want without buying them legitimately. If anyone supports this idea Plz join my server Called Economy And PvP. The password is 12345. It’s a no Hacker Server


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These days tc servers are dead. Because of 1.7 which is good for Dave.