Time crystals glitch?


so I joined a server, left and rojoined, I went to spawn in a block head it spawned it in and I got another 100 crystals randomly added to my tc count, so I checked my bank acc, nothing bough. so I went to see if I could watch any adds none. so I tried crafting ALOT of stuff eventually I got the “free tc” ad’, so I watched 1, and kept watching them, I’m at 450 tc’'s and the ads won’t stop, I’m trying 2 get as many as possible for now, so… is it cheating that I got 100 random tc’s, then infinite crafting ad’s?


You’re able to watch 1 ad every 10 minutes, but on some devices or systems I think u can just watch em back to back. As for the 100 tc, I’ve got no idea where that’s from, but its probably fine


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It depends on your devices clock.