Time crystals help


I need to get a portal chest on my single player world, but I only have 80/200 tc’s, and I CA t watch adds.
I will wait and wait and wait and never get any ads for tc’s, so I try and wait some more, I’ll get 1 ad and watch it all the way thru till the banner, I cluck the “X” and a message pops up and says “thank you for watching here 20 time crystals”, I click collect and I don’t get anything.
I can’t buy anything as I don’t have a job yet, and would really like to get a diamond portal.
any ideas?


If ads aren’t working for you then your only other option is to TC mine in a vanilla world.

Also you may want tobemail noodlecake about the ad glitch, they take care of the android port if the gAme.


my world is vanilla


Like Cpt-Koolzman said, your best bet is to mine time crystals. Here’s a great guide that has helped me:


You should be able to find a time crystal block under the spawn portal.