Time crystals: how to use the minutes within well


I’m just going to leave this for people to debate below, but what is the best use for time crystals?


Things to do-
Use on crafting

Things to not do-
Teleport in small distances

Use on sleeping


Tps, speeding up crafting, gem picks, speeding up sleeping, teleporting


I mainly save time crystals for trade portals, golden beds, making other blockheads…


How many trade portals is the optimal amount would you say


I mainly use them for teleporting and speeding up crafting.




The best use of tc is to save them for portals and items that require time crystals.

Person I save a lot of tc m, so much that I like to teleport to distant places to move quickly around server worlds to help others. Other than that, I usually travel by rainbow unicorn.


You travel by what now?




Thanks milla! I didn’t know that unicorns were in the game.


I think the best use for them are portals (upgrading when the world is new, and trade portals)
Wasting 200 tc (max) is too wasteful.
There’s jetpacks too.
Or trains. Or unicorns…


If you’re specifically creating a server, I would recommend 2 so people don’t log on one since that can usually disable a portal for some time. On single player, 1 or even none is viable depending on what you’re doing.