Time crystals not added after purchase

So maybe I should read any rules about posting or just make this a question, but I hope this gets it fixed quicker.

So what happened is basically what the title says. I bought the Epoch of Time Crystals (1200 crystals). But it only added around 20 crystals.

So, thinking that the counter might just be delayed, I continued playing. But once I actually spend some crystals, the counter didn’t update like I thought it would.

Now that I want to spend some crystals to get my blockhead home, it annoys me that I cant use the product I bought.

I also tried buying the same pack again, but Google Play doesn’t allow me as I already bought it before.

So overall, I bought an epoch of crystals, got 20 crystals from it, spend crystals to get my blockhead home, and didn’t get any of the other crystals from what I bought.

Is there a way to get this fixed (for me)? I do have the Google Play receipt of my purchase for proof.

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I can help. I will PM you about this shortly :slight_smile:

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You can find the rules in the FAQ section of the forum.