Time Decays (Expert Mode Suggestion)

Time decays.

As the title suggests, time decays. The longer and older your world gets, the harder things become.

The whole first year (ingame) of blockheads is just like a normal game.
But time decays.

The presence of time crystals permeates throughout the world, and time warps. Time changes. Time distorts. Time is irreversable

Here is the timeline of how blockhead worlds will occur
(Note: 1 Year= 4 ingame days/ 1 Season= 1 Day (THIS PART IS A FEATURE, NOT A SUGGESTION, this serves as a guideline)

Year 1-4(16 days)
Normal Gameplay, but sky slowly dulls into a sickly grey

Year 5-8 (32 days)
Trees slowly produce less fruits
Plants grow longer
Sky is dull, solar panels will only produce 3/4 of maximum power

Year 9-12 (48 days)
-Trees continue to deteriorate in fruits and growth. By year 10, trees only produce 1/2 of maximum yield and only grows 3/5 as fast as before
-Sky continues to dull. Solar panels produce 3/5 electricity
-Aging process increases.
*Plants have decreased lifespan
*Mobs such as fishes and dropbears have decreased in spawn rates

Year 13-14 (56 days)
-Oceans start to evaporate rapidly. Water slowly fades (1 block of water is deleted offscreen every (n) seconds. This (n) value increases as time goes on)
-The water has to go somewhere. Extreme rains and storms in the eastern and western poles. Extreme blizzards in the northern and southern poles
*These years, expect extremely wild weathers
-Trees have decayed so much that a single tree can produce a maximum of 2 of their fruits
-Shrubs have extremely long growth that it takes 4 years for them to mature and bear
-Solar panels have only 1/2 efficiency left
-The day is less brighter than usual
-Rust. Disuse. Misuse. Clothing and tools consume more durabiility.

Year 14-15 (60 days)
-Lights fade. Light sources only shine 4/5 of the light
-The day fades in power. The day only illuminates 1/2 of the light it used to.
-Plants have reached their final decay. A single tree produce 1 fruit per year, growth is only up to 3 block high
*Shrubs are practically extinct. It takes 12 years for 1 to mature.
*Fishes and Dropbears are officially extinct.

Year 16-18 (72 days)
-The oceans now only contain 1/2 of the water they used too.
-Any and all underground and surface lakes have now dried up.
-Desertification. The eastern and western poles reach extreme heat. Stone on the areas slowly turn into dirt, and dirt slowly turns into sand. Trees and shrubs burn down.
*The day continues to be dull and gives 1/5
*Light continues to fade. Only releases 3/5 illumination of their original
-Sky Islands topple and fall

Year 19-20 (80 days)
-Trees produce 1 fruit per year. Pine and Maple trees produce 2 per year
*Shrubs take 12 years to mature and bear fruit or seeds
*vines and kelp dont grow for more than 3
-Cactus grows at normal speed directly surrounding the eastern and western poles

-Fish, Sharks, Dodos, and Dropbears are extinct
-Scorpions thrive in big amounts on the western and eastern poles

-Sky has dimmed, Day only illuminates 1/5 of the original light
-Extreme blizzards in the northern and southern poles
-Extreme drought in the western and eastern poles
-No water exists, at all.
*If water is placed, it will evaporate after a day
-Every single block on the surface (stretching up to 8 blocks) near the eastern and western poles have weathered to sand. Player placed blocks wont, but wood blocks will burn
-Sky Islands despawn

-Tools have half durability
-Clothes and armor decay twice as fast
-Ice torches barely gives any coolness
-Light sources have dimmed by 1/5
-Solar Panels generate 2/5 electricity at day. 3/5 when in the eastern and western poles.

-Extreme blizzards in the north and south, extreme heat in the west and east
-Coldness affects you twice as fast, as well as heat

80 days to stock up on food, build up a base, and find ways to survive.
Once its done, can you survive indefinitely, or slowly run out of resources and die. The underground suffers little changes, but the surface fades. Decays. Rots.

Comments, etc etc etc.

Please tell me if the days are too fast. I think its fine for me, but yall may think otherwise.

Edit: Please tell me if the water evaporating bit will cause lag. This is a background thing, so i dont expect it to, but i dont know my lag and water and oceans.

2nd Edit: Expert mode rules already deemed fact by the developer is added (Meaning no trade portals or portal chests)

3rd Edit: The time for the decay to happen thats given above is purely tentative. If its too fast, feel free to comment the time you think is resonable without losing the challenge this idea gives.

4th Edit:
Completely forgot about death.
Death is permanent. You can as usual, spawn a max of 5 blocheads, but once one dies, you cant spawn a new one.
Say you have 3 blockheads and 1 of them dies, you can still spawn 2 more since the max is five, but the total blockheads youll have is only 4 at this point.


I think time decay mode should be activated from the portal or something. Like an upgrade.
I love the idea of the falling sky islands as well.

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How hot is the equator? Is it like burn all flameable things or just hurts you alot?

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just hurts. it will burn wood-based blocks that arent workbenches. Chests and ladders wil burn for example.

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Shouldn’t dodos be extinct to?

Edit: workbenchs are made of dirt not wood.

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I dont get whats your point there.
I meant all different kinds of workbenches. Those made out of wood wont burn down like the woodworker bench

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Fish shark and dropbears are extinct in day 80 so dodos should be to!

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Those days seem to happen way too fast. I, strangely, would love the theatrical falling of the sky islands.

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:stare:I think it’s a scarier way on the blockheads
And the sky island falling, is it drops to hurt you or the blocks will only drop like when dropping items?

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If thats the case, then just double the time thats given. Im too lazy to balance the time, but ehhh :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thing it goes by well and reminds me of games like fallout
Oh! Maybe we find new mobs that are hostile
Also, what happens to cave trolls? They get more aggressive and maybe can crawl now?!?

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I havent really had the time to cover every single thing. Actually, now that i think about it, maybe the underground should have their own unique changes too hehe.

Anyways, cavetrolls will, yes, probably be more agressive, packing a lot more punch than vanilla cavetrolls and is much more durable. Crawling is definetly a yes. Maybe they can even wield weapons, or destroy blocks in an attempt to chase the player.

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Maybe when you do expert mode the cave troll have their own special weapon? Like a club? It would be a bit stronger than a titanium sword and you have a chance to get it when you kill a cave troll.


Why settle for melee when we have ranged :3
Probably cavetrolls having the ability to break blocks. That way, cavetrolls will break stone then hurl them towards the player dealing massive damage :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of that when I said melee :stuck_out_tongue:
But it think having a better weapon that you can only get in expert mode from cave trolls is more better.
Also how would this decay idea work on servers? If I Join in the last stage I can’t do anything about it


Well, to be honest, i made this without even thinking about server worlds.

I guess the world will be as it is. If you join a server where the world has decayed so much, i guess theres nothing for you to do but to try and survive the harsh landscape.

Now theres a true challenge haha.

There could also be a feature where in players spend TC to “roll back” or pause the effects of the decay, and once the TC expires, the world goes back to decaying.

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I think this should be a single player feature only to make it fair…
Or have a option to keep the decay on a certain stage so players can gather more resources? This would last 2 IRL days and can be done once


Yeah. Ive already decided that
a) This is a custumizable option in both single and multiplayer worlds
b) The time it takes to decay will last longer for more preparation time

But i dont think there should be an option to delay the decay. This idea is for expert mode, so only those who knows how to progress quick and fast can properly prepare.

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I’m not sure expert mode will be customizable. I think it’s either going to be expert or not.

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Oh. Wrong choice of words. I mean this feature is an option.

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