Time it takes to meditate an item


I just thought I would point this out as a tip, If you do not know how long it takes to meditate an item. I have done the work for you :slight_smile:

It takes roughly:

15 minutes, 47 seconds

(Real Life Time)

To meditate an item, I haven’t tested this for in game days though.

That’s all I have to share, I hope this comes useful.


How did you figure that out?


I set a timer, that simple.


Doesn’t affect the time time if the world isfast-forwarded right?


Doesn’t affect if its fast forward or anything, still takes 15 minutes.


I think that’s about 2 ingame days worth of time, if it isn’t being fastforwarded


That’s 7 minutes and 30 seconds then.


I remember the days of Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge where there was no flint in the entire world. We had to meditate for flint and so I set a timer to remind me every 15 minutes to check my meditated items to see if I got flint.

Then, once I had extra flint I traded it to other players. One person gave me a Ruby Portal for a piece of flint :joy:. Man those were the days :joy:


Demand is what sets market levels :slight_smile:


Meditation can take an unknown time, presumably a real life hour 20 minutes or so.


No, it doesn’t. Read the posts above