Time no longer passes when a world is closed


Time no longer passes when a world is closed or the game is not on screen. This really annoys me since I often leave for a bit when a blockhead is doing a long task, I noticed this when I left a blockhead to do an 8 minute task overnight. The new 1.8 update encouraged me to start playing again but the fact that time no longer passes is starting to make me lose interest in the game.

I dont really know if its a bug or not but I’m posting it on here anyways. Just bring back time passing by when a blockhead is doing a task like it used to be.


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Can you provide a bit more information please to help us assist you.

What kind of world is it: Expert or not? Custom or survival? Online or single player?
What was the task that you asked your BH to complete?
Which device?


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Looks like this is a common bug across platforms. To answer @MummyK’s questions, it happens everywhere (except for multiplayer, which I haven’t tested but I’m not sure). The task has been sleeping, crafting anything really. At least, this is for me. Dunno about OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, IIRC, lots of the Google Play store reviews have rated lowly because of this bug.


I haven’t experienced this at all in single player. I leave my BH sleeping, when I return they are well rested. I leave my BH crafting, when I return I have my items.

I also didn’t experience it during beta testing on multiplayer.

It’s possible this is an android bug as the OP hasn’t listed their devices. I’ll leave the thread here until we get confirmation.


This bug doesn’t occur on multiplayer, crafting on multiplayer is server based :slight_smile:

Edit: Good news! Noodle cake just released an update 1.7.2 for more bug fixes! And…

Theyre working on the crashing and this bug! :slight_smile:


Thats great, I was dreading the news that the feature was removed instead of it being a bug




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I’ve been having this problem sporadically. I barely noticed it, but sometimes when I die, I’ll sign out and when I come back an hour later, I’ll have 100 tc wait until I regenerate.


I was having this problem, too, on both my Samsung Tab A & LG X Power. Glad to hear it’s being looked into. I thought it was a change as well and was not happy. I’ll just have to be patient. I was having trouble with the game crashing on my Tab A 10 as well, but I’ll check the other topics for that.


Dood. It’s 1.7 not 1.8… 1.8 is in 2021