Timeline or history of blockheads

I am thinking of recording down the history of blockheads, me along with people who wants to join lel, will be interviewing old players, as well as famous server owners to learn about them, and the impact they had on the overall blockheads, ex: development of architecture, or HANDCAR RACING!!. For a server to qualify, it must be a server that has lasted over at least half a year old(not always the case since some servers are pretty impactful despite having a short lifetime) and must be a popular server that pretty much everyone knows about, such as Skeeve gigantic empire or Starlight Skys those servers that only takes a few second for everybody to know what they are talking about.

We will be documenting:

  1. important architectures
  2. glitches and bugs
  3. important people toward blockheads and the servers (such as owners, famous admins, mods, or wm makers, etc)
  4. innovations (updates)
  5. major events
  6. systems of the historical servers (such as if the server is based on towns, themes, etc)
  7. Rise and fall of the historical servers
    7.(anything else that I forgot)
    Lastly, we will be adding on to the list as new servers become dominant and old servers, starts to fade away :(.
    (some topics may be ignored if people don’t want to talk about it)

Why am I doing this? Because I’m stuck home… and this is fun :slight_smile:

Discord Link for this project: https://discord.gg/Eq7eEF


also if the server owner we interviewed already quit blockheads, then I will try interviewing alternative people, or else just write down what the rumors said, or pay temporarily to see their servers in person.

Nice to see someone has similar goals (this is Basileus Alexios VI Apokios from the discord server btw).
I can share some of my findings on the cove wars and the early history of my Empire (it is multigame now but it started out here all the way back in 2014) with you when I am done with the research.

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love to hear it ! :), DM me on discord hypire#7926, or DM me straight thorough blockheads forums or we can just discuss on the discord server, codeoffun never really cares about me messing around :smiley:

Believe me or not, on one of my many accounts I helped make one of the fastest rise/fall faction servers. It was in 2018 i believe, or whenever 1.7 just came out. I found a guy and asked him if he had enough to make a server where me and him could operate together. Later the server grew big and well, the next few days i log in and the server is awesome! 14 people online, and lots of OOFs coming as players battle it out :slight_smile: but then the dark days came for me, i saw one day my mod was revoked and he hadnt talked to me at all. He started getting all the glory for MY idea, he paid for. I thought it was 50/50 ownership, within a week the fame got to him and it became 0/100. The server died pretty quickly too, but to this day i still remember the backstabbing, bans, and constant lag and 16/16 players. it was insane ;-;

also 2015 player here. I know a few glitches, if you would like to hear them :slight_smile:


LIT! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D, of course, DM me through discord hypire#7926 or directly from forums :slight_smile:


maybe this forum post might help a few tryhard faction server players remember the server and show them who the real mastermind of one of the biggest servers ever was :slight_smile:

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How about recording the history of this forum too? Would love to see a timeline of that also.


yessssssss, we can utualize old bh forums as well in the process !! :smiley:

Merged double posts.

i would surely love to help, and while i support this i’m certainly far more worried about tomorrow’s history… and the next day

and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, the day after that, and the next day after that… you get the idea

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great question!, im thinking of doing something similar to the college board books, where they would update once every 2-4 years, except using blockheads time, it would be something near every 2-4 months lol, (only if we finds new information, or anything worthy of adding in.) :slight_smile:

Link to be viewer of the timeline. If you have any questions/want to edit here are just a few links for you guys
Timeline- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MDJcv8-m6lPUYFnPTkV4V4-_RRtHKweNgBeN--k35G8/edit?usp=sharing

Questions- https://discord.gg/p7FgNvY

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I can share some history as one who has lived through every version since January 2013. But the OP discord link doesn’t work and the most recent post appears to go straight to one run by jimmyjohns.


oops my bad here it is https://discord.gg/pwBma3 :slight_smile: