Tin Beds


At the time of making this, I read this post Metal beds

I reference this because I now want tin beds. Let me explain how this works

1: Crafting Recipe

-1 Tin Block
-4 Linen
-6 Dodo Feathers

2. Effects

The Tin Bed, similar to a tinfoil hat, will make your character sleepwalk until they’re awakened by something dangerous or when their energy is full. They could not attack any enemies while sleepwalking, they’d just walk around

3. Why this is(n’t) needed

I have no particular reason for this, I just want to expand the mystical powers of Tin. This is not a joke suggestion, it’d be a lovely addition.


I kinda want to see this honestly. It sounds funny to see your Blockheads walking around in their sleep.


I’d imagine someone’s using this without knowing what it does

1: “why did you set fire to our home last night?!”

2: “What? I was asleep!”

1: “You have a bunch of ember in your pockets!”

2: "these were for something else! Someone must have stolen t-

1: /ban player2

I’m aware that tin beds probably wouldn’t make you do that, Just a fun thought.


Fair Point, maybe blockheads eyes would be closed when they sleepwalk, maybe they could have a small effect over their head?


I think this would be funny as well as useful, just set a sleepwalking blockhead around an underground farm and collect the rewards from sleep. I also like the idea of having a little effect over the blockhead’s head, like a similar swirl with the tinfoil hat maybe.


Yeah, good idea!


uhm, do these actually exist?


I was wondering why I got linked but this is also an interesting idea.

I suspect you get rest but it might be slow. Almost as slow as sleeping on the ground. It just gives a creepy and interesting add to game play.

But suggested by what we know tin foil to do, so you think they might do random things too? Maybe not the same variety as tinfoil hats but maybe a little something here and there. Or they kinda just walk aimlessly


It’s a suggestion.