Tin Helmet and Tin Foil Hat Don't Work the Same


I just noticed this but a tin helmet does not give freewill to a Blockhead compared to a tinfoil hat. Both are covering the Blockheads head. Shouldn’t they have the same effect? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nah, one of them is kinda like a reference to a movie.
The helmet has another method of processing tin.


“Agent 41, this is Agent 0. Test subject @Equalis is trying to access prohibited knowledge by using a conspiracy theory basis.”
“Agent 0, use provided basic answers in case of emergency to derail the subject’s questioning. You will find said answers on page 74 in your personal handbook.”
flips pages rapidly
clears throat
Perhaps it’s because the tin helmet uses more tin, which dilutes the power of the tin. Um…
flips pages again
This conclusion makes 100% sense and completely overrules any notion of whatever you may be insinuating.
breathes sigh of relief
Phew… hopefully they’ll never find out that [redacted] is actually [redacted] and has the [redacted] to [redacted] [redacted]. Luckily, no one will ever know that. :sweat_smile:




Let’s just say that the tin helmet isn’t in fact a functional Faraday cage, as the tinfoil hat is.