Tips and facts for all creatures and plants


Here you can ask questions and request tips on plants and creatures! Guys most of the dodos except one got the punishment of starvation. :confused: P.S. I say most of them starved because I killed the rest. Now I have a new dodo named “POOBIS” idk. I now have a happy shark named 6-18-9-3-11, who lives next to my home!


I didn’t enjoy please kill all of the dodos :smiling_imp:


Kill the dodos.


This thread doesn’t seem very productive. Just search for “plants” on the forum then select #tips-guides in the advanced options.


Hmm. What is you method in taming sharks?

And should probably move my aquarium to near the sea. And build and under water castle.


Last post wins isn’t productive either.


To tame a shark you need raw fish to feed it, just try not to get bit


I would imagine that would have been obvious since there are tips a and guides also talking about how you feed sharks with fish.

I meant methods to taming the shark without killing your self trying to feed them the fish. Maybe guiding them to smaller areas, trapping them, doors, trapdoors and/or maybe pictures?


Then try trapping them in the tightest space possible, while your block head is on shore try to feed it, that way no damage will be taken


I thought it might be like that.


what’s a dodo bird


A red cube with legs and a beak. Yet sounds like a chicken. Hahaha


Amazing description :joy:

I did it by adding heat source around the body of water. So I would start healing once I get bite by the untamed shark.


A spa heals you? I haven’t tried that. Since when? If this works I making a sauna and spa


Need water source and heat source


I use ice blocks to store a lot of water. And I can craft campfire.