Tips on welcome message


If you want a cool name if your the owner or admin on blockheads, if you want a cool name on the welcome message, go to the website, cooltext .com
It looks good on blockheads. there are also backgrounds at, myspace .com


I don’t really like Cooltext, but it’s very popular. Designing your own welcome message or getting someone to is much preferred by me.


I used it on my server called, Louie awes. I’m gonna be on there so if you join just tell me that it’s you and I’ll mod you. I was just saying I like it cause it looks cool.


i reccomend putting images and stuff of good buildings in your WM


I could relate.

My sister keeps trying to put pics on my WM. And I keep telling her, “im gonna un-admin you if you don’t stop.” She is arrogant as heck.


I say no pictures since it lags a ton.

Don’t you hate it when ppl spawn 99 baskets? It’s like drowning in hell trying to pick them up.



I just use a simple solution,
just turn off “everything is free” on the trade portals.

Plus, I just ban them if I see them do it.


If you have a custom world that is,


I just try to keep the number of portals that I have down.

In a way.


You still there?



Or just learn the actual HTML instead of being a bit lazy. :wink:

I learned from solo learn, HTML. :slight_smile:


I used to use Cooltext, it’s a pretty neat site, but it doesn’t really seem to work for me any more…

So I hop around and use other sites, or, as Zeek said, use HTML. What fonts are supported, though? I’m too lazy to search…I usually just use zapfino or chalkduster…


I like to draw my own logo, save it as an image, then upload it on an random image hosting site to have a link to < img src > it.
And I draw them like this (even though I’ve never actually done one because I never plan on opening my abandoned server soon)

something like this looks cool, can be customised however you want, and only takes up to 15 minutes.


If I drew one it would take 50 minutes. I’m special. :thumbsup:


Thank you for help


Myspace is slow. All you have to do is use the command for inserting backgrounds
(@Wingysam know’s it.)

As for custom text, I guess if you’re lazy you could use cooltext, but the longer your code is to generate 1 thing, the more likely it is to lag


I am not 100% sure these will all work with TBH WMs but this link talks about web safe fonts (fonts supported by web browsers). I assume these should work.


Ohhh. I tried some out…all the ones I want to work don’t work on the Blockheads.


Can someone show me how to do drop down messages on the welcome messages? For example:

-> Rules (Press)


  1. (Insert rule)
  2. (Insert rule)
  3. Etc.


The details element is perfect for that:





  1. Rule
  2. Rule