Titanium Buildings


So just asking who has build a house or a building out of titanium and if you did how many Titanium blocks a did you use?
Here is my building


How long did it take you to build?


@WumboJumbo to 3 day XD and 2 super shop wit a lottt of money


Awesome isn’t feeling so awesome. You should check on him.

I don’t think anyone would be breaking into that. (I put layers of a checkered carbon fibre and titanium patters for protection.


@WooHooGaming13 what?

@WooHooGaming13 what the hell are you trying to say? :joy: I not know what you saying and who he? And I still not know what you saying I read it like 5 time now :joy::joy::joy:


Typo. I put carbon fibre and titanium in a checkered pattern.


you put a carbon fibre on you titanium house?


Yes? You can put wood on a titanium house too.