Titanium dodos not laying platinum eggs


I’ve had so many titanium eggs, and I’ve got 14 tamed dodos laying eggs for the past 100 hours, but they haven’t lay a single Platinum egg yet. Why?? It’s the only egg I’ve never had yet, I got lots of diamond and rainbow.


It takes a lot of time and luck to proceed to the next level. If you want one,I can give a spare I have.


I have 22 more titanium eggs I can place down. Providing I’m doing it right, I can wait.
I’m on expert mode, the others didn’t take anywhere near this long to progress, I’ve had titanium dodos for so long already.


Place the 22! The more dodos you have,the better the chances.


I also find removing the lower tiers help as the lower tiers have a higher spawn rate than the rarer ones. So a new egg will more likely be lower than higher.


What’s with the lightsaber on your screen?


I’m pretty sure that is a reflection.


I know. I was just joking.


I finally got one after posting this, and strangely a second one soon after lol. I’m not kidding, I spent dozens and dozens of hours with titanium dodos and only just got the platinum. Maybe only a few % chance to drop, but it still drops :+1:


You’re doing better than me. It took me hours and hours and I still never got passed stone dodos.


Titanium dodos don’t lay plantinum eggs.


False. Dodos can lay eggs one tier above them, it’s just rare. If they couldn’t, there’d be no way to even get stone dodos.



Also added some credits to the picture.


Yeah, it may take time. The only advice I would’ve given you is meditate, but then I remember you’re on expert mode. (Btw I love your dodo farm, and the way you named them different numbers/letters…)


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@desTROYer74 that moment when you use another device to take a screenshot instead of pressing the home and power button :stuck_out_tongue:


That seems like a world-transforming (at least, screen transforming) structure for farming things. I don’t like to farm things.
Want to get platnium and titanium ore? Use the electrical sluice.


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