Titanium ore repairing?


So, I was using a golden spade on some titanium ore to get more yield from it, my game suddenly stopped for some reason so I restarted the game. Much to my surprise the Titanium Ore that I had partially broken was completely whole again. I tried it a few more times getting the same result. Is this a bug/glitch or is this normal game behavior? Because this seems pretty game changing being able to infinitely golden spade a titanium ore, I also did not lose the bonuses i got from using a golden spade on the ore when I reopened the game.


I think it might be normal game behavior.


It’s definitely a glitch. Doesn’t appear to be a dangerous glitch since this happened to me a couple times but where a placed item was duplicated. One in my inventory and the other placed down.


I believe that it could become a dangerous bug if this were to happen with like a titanium block. Might be something to keep an eye out for.