I know this WILL not be added, or thought of if lets say 1.8 was to be. but i was proposing an idea for TNT/Bombs. How you would craft them is in the Explosives Bench using

3-9 Paper Sheet
3-9 Gunpower
1-3 String

How to craft Paper Sheets:
You would go into the woodwork bench and use an axe on a piece of wood to make wood shavings (takes about 10 seconds to craft)
Then, you would put the wood shavings in the press to form paper. Then you would use the press to squish the paper into a flat sheet using tree resin (aka sap), by extracting it with a bucket on pine or maple trees.

How to Craft Gunpowder:
There would be a new bench called the explosives bench (crafted with 2 limestone, 2 wood, 2 iron ingots, and an amethyst)
Inside the explosives bench will contain how to craft gunpowder.
You will need sulfer (extracted from either burning coal in a furnace and using a glass bottle to put it in). glass bottles would be craftable in the craft bench for 1 glass to form 1 (1/1 ratio). Then you will need salt (for the sake of simplicity), and charcoal. Then you will put that into the explosives bench and it will take about a minute to craft.

Crafting TNT:
Once your done getting the items to craft tnt, throw it in the explosives bench. it should only take a minute to craft depending on the size of tnt you want. there will be 3 sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. that is why i said 3-9 when requiring the items to craft it.

Once the tnt is crafted, you are able to place it down and using an ember be able to ignite it. The small tnt will only leave a 3x3 area explosion, the medium will leave a 6x6 explosion, and the large tnt will leave a 9x9 area explosion. Beware tnt will not work if under an ownership sign unless in your name. If in an ownership sign in your name, it will only explode in your plot you own. (To protect Griefing)

When exploding TNT, there will be a 1% chance that it will not ignite (being a dud). so if that happens, you will need to hit another ember on it, but beware it will explode! and the explosion of a small TNT will take half your health, medium will be down to the death bar, and large will literally kill you.

That is all i have to say. would make mining operations much easier to acomplish


Or it could be called a dynamite

I agree with everything except the glass bottle part (think it’s unessacery) and maybe the tree sap part (probably substituted for oil for simplicity unless there would be more uses for sap) I agree, TnT should definitely be added to ease mining!


Dynamite ≠ Bomb

I think the whole idea should be changed if dynamite was to be introduced.